Where is Rhinox in Beast Machines?

Beast Machines Rhinox returned to Cybertron with the surviving Maximals to discover the entire population had been replaced by mindless Vehicon drones created by Megatron. Rhinox and Silverbolt were captured, stripped of their organic bodies and placed in the new bodies of Tankor and Jetstorm.

How did Rhinox become Tankor?

While Maximals managed to flee, Rhinox, along with Silverbolt, was not so fortunate and got captured by Megatron’s Vehicon drone army. He had his spark got extracted from his body, had it corrupted by Megatron, and was placed in a body of a tank drone, becoming Tankor.

What happened to Silverbolt?

Silverbolt was told he was a creature of honor who fought for just causes, and that Megatron gave Silverbolt not only a just cause (the technological purity of Cybertron), but also the power and strength to fight for that cause. Cheetor and Primal were rescued, and Silverbolt was dragged away from the battle.

What kind of animal is Ravage?

Ravage is a Decepticon Mini-Cassette and later Predacon from the Generation 1 continuity family. This is every comic book panel Ravage has ever been in. Well, okay, sometimes they rotate him a bit.

What animal is silverbolt?

Silverbolt was a Fuzor, a transformer who combined the traits of two animals for his alternate mode. In the case of Silverbolt, these animals were a wolf and an eagle, resulting a mode that looked like a winged wolf with bird claws.

Who is the villain in Beast Machines 2?

Tankor is a Vehicon and a villain in the Beast Machines series, the sequel to Beast Wars. After Megatron claimed there would be prizes to be won, for whichever general got the Maximals, Tankor went after them and, after a vicious battle, actually captured them.

What happens when Tankor tries to attack Megatron?

Tankor’s manipulations failed when he tried to attack Megatron, and a provision against doing so, hard-wired into his programming, shut him down. Due to Tankor’s manipulations, however, Primal opened the Plasma Energy Chamber and Megatron fired the Key.

Who was the girl transformer in Beast Machines?

Isenberg did most of the work on the first season of Beast Machines due to Skir’s workload and a bereavement, while Skir did most of the second season due to Isenberg running Action Man. Skir originally wanted the character of Nightscream to be a young female Transformer, patterned after the girl, Newt, from the movie Aliens.

Why are Beast Machines so heavy on continuity?

As it turned out, Beast Machines ended up being more continuity heavy and one reason was because Hasbro told them about things like Vector Sigma and the Hate Plague and encouraged them to be used.