Where is Kevin Seitzer now?

Seitzer and his wife, Beth, reside in Leawood, Kansas.

How old is Kevin Seitzer?

59 years (March 26, 1962)
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Who is the pitching coach for Atlanta Braves?

Rick Kranitz
Kranitz earns 1,000th win as pitching coach MIAMI — Braves pitching coach Rick Kranitz has been around the block. In his 20th season as a coach, Kranitz has seen it all and has racked up some mileage, as well as wins. Friday’s 5-0 series-opening victory at Miami marked the 1,000th win of his illustrious career.

How much is a Kevin Seitzer baseball card worth?

Kevin Seitzer Baseball Trading Card Values

1985 TCMA Ft. Myers Royals #9 Kevin Seitzer $2.20
1989 Topps Big #313 Kevin Seitzer $0.34
1989 Topps Tiffany #670 Kevin Seitzer $0.34
1989 Upper Deck #510 Kevin Seitzer $0.34
1990 Bowman #380 Kevin Seitzer $0.34

Who are the Atlanta Braves coaches?

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  • Manager – Brian Snitker.
  • Bench Coach – Walt Weiss.
  • Hitting Coach – Kevin Seitzer.
  • Pitching Coach – Rick Kranitz.
  • Third Base Coach – Ron Washington.
  • First Base/Outfield Coach – Eric Young Sr.
  • Catching Coach – Sal Fasano.
  • Bullpen Coach – Drew French.

Is Kevin Seitzer in the Hall of Fame?

9 Seitzer was elected to the EIU Athletics Hall of Fame in 1992 and his number-2 jersey was retired by the Panthers in 2012.

Is Eddie Perez still coaching?

After concluding a 20-year playing career in 2006, Eddie Pérez opened a new chapter in his baseball life in 2007… He is now in his 11th season on the Braves’ staff and is in his second season as first base coach.

How much does Chipper Jones make?

13 million USD (2012)
Chipper Jones/Salary

What is Chipper Jones job?

Baseball player
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Who caught for Greg Maddux?

Eddie Pérez (baseball)

Eddie Pérez
Batting average .253
Home runs 40
Runs batted in 172

What happened Terry Pendleton?

He now serves as a special assistant in baseball operations, working mostly with Braves minor leaguers. While he never moved back home to L.A., Pendleton, now 59, found a new home after leaving the Cardinals.

How did Kevin Seitzer do in the minor leagues?

In 141 games with the Charleston Royals of the Class-A Sally League, Seitzer batted .297, the only minor-league season he failed to hit .300, with 8 home runs and 79 RBIs. He also demonstrated patience at the plate, compiling a team-leading 118 walks.

Who are the Stepsons of Kevin Seitzer?

His stepson Nick Graffeo was drafted as a pitcher by the Kansas City Royals in the 2010 draft. He was released on March 29, 2013 by the Royals. His son Cameron was an infielder in the Chicago White Sox organization from 2011 to 2018; he is now a coach for the Great Falls Voyagers.

Where was Kevin Lee Seitzer born and raised?

Kevin Lee Seitzer was born in Springfield, Illinois, on March 26, 1962. He was the oldest child of three born to Clifford and Carolyn Seitzer. Cliff, a jack of all trades, worked as a millwright for the Caterpillar Company in East Peoria, Illinois, for 40 years.

What was Kevin Seitzer’s batting average in 1984?

Seitzer immediately showed what kind of player he could be, hitting .345. His performance earned him a promotion for the 1984 season. In 141 games with the Charleston Royals of the Class-A Sally League, Seitzer batted .297, the only minor-league season he failed to hit .300, with 8 home runs and 79 RBIs.