Where is Fayum?

Upper Egypt
Al-Fayyūm, Fayyūm also spelled Faiyum or Fayum, muḥāfaẓah (governorate) of Upper Egypt, located in a great depression of the Western Desert southwest of Cairo.

What area of Egypt is known as Upper Egypt?

Upper Egypt, Arabic Qiblī Miṣr, also called Al-Ṣaʿīd (“The Upland”), geographic and cultural division of Egypt, generally consisting of the Nile River valley south of the delta and the 30th parallel N. It thus consists of the entire Nile River valley from Cairo south to Lake Nasser (formed by the Aswan High Dam).

Is El Fayum a desert?

The Faiyum Oasis (Arabic: واحة الفيوم‎ Waḥet El Fayyum) is a depression or basin in the desert immediately to the west of the Nile south of Cairo in Egypt. The basin floor comprises fields watered by a channel of the Nile, the Bahr Yussef, as it drains into a desert hollow to the west of the Nile Valley.

What is the Fayum?

The Faiyum (also given as Fayoum, Fayum, and Faiyum Oasis) was a region of ancient Egypt known for its fertility and the abundance of plant and animal life. The name derives from the ancient Egyptian word Pa-yuum or Pa-yom meaning “the Lake” or “the Sea” and refers to Lake Moeris, created by Amenemhat I (c.

What is the religion of Faiyum?

Influences from and references to religious texts that were common in pharaonic Egypt are seen throughout the entirety of the Book of the Faiyum, standing as a testament to the longevity of Egyptian religion.

What is an Egyptian waterfall called?

Wadi El Rayan
If you are searching for the Egyptian waterfalls you will be surprised to know that Wadi El Rayan is the country’s only waterfall. As the primary lake overflows to limit, a stream drops towards a more profound territory, where another lake is shaped.

What is the nickname for Upper Egypt?

In ancient Egypt, Upper Egypt was known as tꜣ šmꜣw, literally “the Land of Reeds” or “the Sedgeland”. It is believed to have been united by the rulers of the supposed Thinite Confederacy who absorbed their rival city states during Naqada III and its unification with Lower Egypt ushered in the Early Dynastic period.

Why was Upper Egypt in the south?

The Nile River flows from south to north. Therefore, the upper Nile is south of the lower Nile. Upper and Lower Egypt were named because they were on the upper and lower Nile, respectively. So, Upper Egypt is south of Lower Egypt because the upper Nile is south of the lower Nile.

How old is the Fayum Depression?

The Fayum is a depression below sea level, formed by wind erosion 1.8 million years ago, covering ca 12,000 km2.

How were the Fayum portraits made?

Very occasionally, portraits were painted directly onto canvas or the mummy cloth itself, a technique known as cartonnage painting. As mentioned above, two different painting techniques were used – encaustic and tempera – and analysis has shown that artists often made a preparatory drawing before applying any paint.

Is Krokodilopolis real?

yes it’s a real place you can visit, and I won’t keep you guessing, it was the official head-quarters for a crocodile worship cult! The city of Crocodilopolis was located on the western bank of the Nile, southwest of Memphis in Egypt.

What is the biggest waterfall in Egypt?

Wadi El Rayan Waterfalls
Wadi El Rayan Waterfalls are considered to be the largest waterfalls in Egypt. At the south and southeast of the springs is Gabal Manqueer Al Rayan, where marine fossils and archeological remains are found. Gabal Madwera, near the lower lake, is known for its extensive dune formations.

Where was the ancient city of Faiyum located?

The discovery site was identified as the former location of ancient Philadelpia. Today, the precise location of the town is unknown, although archaeologists have identified two sites in north-east Faiyum as the possible location for Philadelphia. Faiyum has several large bazaars, mosques, baths and a much-frequented weekly market.

Where was the Fayum oasis in ancient Egypt?

The Faiyum (also given as Fayoum, Fayum, and Faiyum Oasis) was a region of ancient Egypt known for its fertility and the abundance of plant and animal life.

Which is the correct spelling Fayum or Faiyum?

Its name in English is also spelled as Fayum, Faiyum or Al Faiyūm. Faiyum was previously officially named Madīnet Al Faiyūm (Arabic for The City of Faiyum). The name Faiyum (and its spelling variations) may also refer to the Faiyum Oasis, although it is commonly used by Egyptians today to refer to the city.

Why was the lake at Faiyum in Egypt abandoned?

The lake was eventually abandoned due to the nearest branch of the Nile dwindling in size from 230 BC. Faiyum was known to the ancient Egyptians as the twenty-first nome of Upper Egypt, Atef-Pehu (“Northern Sycamore”).