Where is Edmund Rice from?

Callan, Ireland
Edmund Ignatius Rice/Place of birth
Edmund was the founder of two religious institutes of religious brothers: the Congregation of Christian Brothers and the Presentation Brothers. Born in Callan, Ireland, in 1762, Edmund came to the bustling city port of Waterford as a young man.

When was Edmund Rice’s daughter?

He married and it is understood that his wife was Mary Elliot. She died at about the time their daughter, also Mary, was born in 1789.

Where is Edmund Rice buried?

After living in a near-comatose state for more than two years (in the constant care of a nurse since May 1842), Rice died at 11 a.m. on 29 August 1844 at Mount Sion, Waterford, where his remains lie in a casket to this day.

When and where was Edmund Rice born?

June 1, 1762, Callan, Ireland
Edmund Ignatius Rice/Born

Why was Edmund Rice beatified?

There are now over 600 Christian Brothers Schools worldwide, with more than 850,000 pupils. Edmund Rice was beatified by Pope John Paul II on October 6 1996 due to a medical miracle that was attributed to him. If another miracle were attributed to him, Edmund Rice would be declared a saint.

How was Edmund Rice inspired by Jesus?

Blessed Edmund was given the grace to respond to the call of Jesus by identifying with Christ in the poor. His example evoked a deep awareness of God’s loving presence in all with whom he came in contact. In ministry begun by Jesus Christ and inspired by the vision of Blessed Edmund Rice, a Christian Brother education…

What did Edmund Rice Value?

Charism of Blessed Edmund Rice – Presence. Compassion. Liberation.

What legacy did Edmund Rice leave behind?

Edmund Rice died on 29 August 1844 at Mt Sion. He was beatified on 6 October 1996, recognition of a life enlightened by Gospel spirituality that promoted justice, solidarity, inclusion and liberation for the young through education.

What are the Edmund Rice touchstones?

Edmund Rice Education Australia The Touchstones of the Charter are: Inclusive Community, Liberating Education, Justice and Solidarity and Gospel Spirituality. These Touchstones are lived daily in every Edmund Rice school.

What are the 4 Erea touchstones?

The Charter This is articulated as four touchstones: Liberating Education, Gospel Spiritualty, Inclusive Community and Justice and Solidarity.

What did Edmund Ignatius Rice do in Ireland?

Born at a time in Ireland when Catholics faced oppression under Penal Laws, Rice saw reforms begin when he was a teenager. Through inheritance from his uncle, he forged a successful merchants’ career in Waterford city.

Is there any record of Edmund Rice’s parents?

“Until someone can cite such a record, the Association must state emphatically that Edmund Rice’s parents and ancestry are not known and that Edmund Rice’s descendants cannot claim royal ancestry”‘.

Who are the ancestors of the Rice family?

A genealogical history of the Rice family : descendants of Deacon Edmund Rice, who came from Berkhamstead, England, and settled at Sudbury, Massachusetts, in 1638 or 9

Who are the members of the Edmund Rice Association?

This new effort was tested using the mtDNA and conventional genealogy of two of our association officers whose matrilineal lines converge on Martha, wife of John Bent in the early 1600s. Membership in the Edmund Rice (1638) Association is open to all who share our interest in Edmund Rice, his origins, and his descendants.