Where is a sacral ala fracture?

A select subset of pelvic ring injuries are characterized by bilateral sacral ala fractures with an associated transverse fracture line that separates the lumbar spine from the remaining pelvis and lower extremities with varying degrees of kyphotic or translational deformity.

What are the types of sacral fractures?

classification of sacral fractures

  • cervical spine fractures. clay-shoveler’s fracture. dens fracture. hangman fracture. Jefferson fracture. extension teardrop fracture.
  • thoracolumbar spine fractures. Chance fracture. thoracic spine fracture-dislocations. spondylolysis. Holdsworth fracture. translation-rotation spine injury.

What is the function of the sacrum Ala?

On either side of the lumbosacral joint are winglike structures (sacral ala) which connect to the iliac bones and form the top of the sacroiliac (SI) joint. Attached to either side of the sacrum are the iliac bones. These wings of the pelvis provide stability and strength for walking and standing.

What causes sacral fracture?

A fracture on the sacrum is created when there is continual pressure placed on the bone. Weak bones are especially susceptible to fractures, most often along the spine. Other causes for a sacrum fracture include: Constant stress or pressure placed on backbones.

Can you walk with a fractured sacrum?

A physician named Lourie first described sacral insufficiency fractures in 1982. These fractures can cause severe pain in the buttock, back, hip, groin, and/or pelvis. Walking is typically slow and painful.

What organs does the sacrum protect?

The sacrum also acts as a protective shield, enclosing the nerves of the lower back. Together with the hip bones and coccyx, the sacrum forms the pelvis, which surrounds the bladder, colon, reproductive organs, and rectum.

How long do sacral fractures take to heal?

A sacral fracture takes 8–12 weeks to heal and fusion rates following sacral fractures have been reported to be 85–90%. Malunion can occur after delayed treatment or insufficient reduction, with a consequent alteration of pelvic incidence.

How long does a sacral fracture take to heal?

What is sacral insufficiency fracture?

Sacral insufficiency fractures are a subtype of stress fractures, which are the result of normal stresses on abnormal bone, most frequently seen in the setting of osteoporosis. They fall under the broader group of pelvic insufficiency fractures. Article:

What is a sacral fracture?

A sacral fracture is a break in your sacrum. The sacrum is a triangle-shaped bone that is found at the bottom of the spine.

What is sacral ala?

Sacral alae; singular, sacral ala ( ala ossis sacri ) are large triangular, wing-like, lateral extensions from the body of S1, near the base of the sacum. The lateral margins of the alae articulate with the os coxae at the sacroiliac joints.