Where does actor Matt Bomer live?

New York
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What is Mat Bomer doing now?

Currently, Matt Bomer stars in Doom Patrol. He was also recently heard in Justice Society: World War II and the Audible series, Hit Job. He also starred in The Boys in the Band and the most recent season of The Sinner. Next, he’s expected to appear in the upcoming biopic, The Book of Ruth.

Where is Matt Bomer from?

Webster Groves, MO
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What is Matt Bomer salary?

They have three sons, including a set of twins. Bomer starred in the TV series American Horror Story: Hotel and The Last Tycoon….Matt Bomer Net Worth.

Net Worth: $9 Million
Salary: $125 Thousand Per Episode
Date of Birth: Oct 11, 1977 (43 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)

Who is Matt Bomer’s wife?

Simon Hallsm. 2011
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Was Matt Bomer married to a woman?

Who did Matt Bomer play on Glee?

Cooper Anderson

Year Title Role
2012 Magic Mike Ken
Glee Cooper Anderson
8 Jeff Zarrillo
2013 The New Normal Monty

Where did Matt Bomer live in Los Angeles?

For a longtime New Yorker, Bomer couldn’t have picked a better place to land in Los Angeles than the Franklin Strip (his first apartment was a block away).

When did Matt Bomer and Simon Halls get married?

Bomer married publicist Simon Halls in 2011; the marriage only became public to the media in 2014. Bomer said that his marriage to Halls was a very small event in New York City, in an interview discussing his marriage, Bomer said: “It was very chill and very small – just our closest and dear ones.

What did Matt Bomer do in American Horror Story Hotel?

Finn Wittrock’s Dandy later picks Andy up and lures him to an abandoned bus, where he ambushes and stabs him, before proceeding to dismember the body – while Andy is still alive. Matt Bomer had a much bigger role on American Horror Story: Hotel, the fifth season.

How many brothers and sisters does Matt Bomer have?

His father, a Dallas Cowboys draft pick, played for the team from 1972 to 1974. Matt Bomer has a sister, Megan Bomer, and a brother, Neill Bomer, who is an engineer. Bomer credits his own parents for being understanding when they sensed their young child was a little different from other kids.