Where do I send my OCI application in Texas?

Applicants residing within the jurisdiction of this Consulate (Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas) and seeking to apply for an OCI card are advised to complete the application form in the link http://passport.gov.in/oci/ and submit it along with supporting documents at the M …

How long does it take to get an OCI card in Houston?

Processing Time

Application Center Atlanta Houston
Processing Time For New OCI at Embassy/Consultant & New Delhi For OCI Cards 5-6 Weeks 5-6 Weeks
Processing Time For OCI Reissue 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
Processing Time For PIO to OCI Conversion 2 Weeks 2 Weeks

Can you cancel OCI card?

Whenever a valid OCI card holder decides to cancel/renounce his /her OCI registration can do so by following steps. Applicant shall apply in person to the Indian Mission/Post where OCI registration was granted. Go to the respective office. This application will be processed further to cancel or renounce OCI.

Is CKGS accepting OCI application?

The Cox & King Global Services (CKGS) which handles all Indian passport, visa and travel related businesses like Overseas Citizen Of India (OCI), has terminated its contract with the Indian government and will not be accepting any new applications at any of its locations in the U.S., effective immediately.

How do I transfer OCI to new passport?

OCI cardholders 20 years of age or younger must upload copies of their new passports with recent passport-size photographs to the OCI online portal each time a new passport is issued, and once after reaching 50 years of age.

Can I travel while OCI is in process?

Yes. If you have any emergency travel plan, you can travel with your current OCI card, current passport and old passport associated with OCI.

Can OCI get Aadhar card?

Aadhaar Card enrollment is presently available to residents in India. OCI Cardholders who stay in India for a long time (over 182 days in twelve months immediately preceding the date of application for enrolment) and have an Indian address can also enroll for Aadhaar Card in India.

Is OCI valid for lifetime?

The OCI card is a lifelong visa available for citizens of Indian origin. Once you get it, you will obtain all the rights any resident in India has. You can live and work in India. The OCI card is valid for 10 years after issued and it allows Multiple Entry to the country.

How do I renew my OCI card after 50?

Once you reach the age of 50, you must apply for OCI card renewal and have your visa re-issued. For those between the ages of 21 and 50, there are no mandatory requirements to get your card re-issued. Similarly, after the age of 50, it is not mandatory to renew your OCI card every time you get a new passport.

How long can a US citizen stay in India with OCI card?

180 days
How long can US citizens stay in India? 180 days in Total. The India Tourist Visa is valid for 1 year after issued and grants Multiple Entry.