Where did Chioma Chukwuka come from?

Chioma Akpotha/Place of birth

Chioma Chukwuka was born in Lagos State, on march 12,1980. She hails from Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria.

How many kids Chioma Akpotha?

Chioma Akpotha family The two got married in 2006 and have been together since then. She has been happily married for 14 years and considers her husband as her best friend. Chioma Akpotha children are two both boys who she has ensured remain away from the public eye.

Who is the real husband of Chioma Chukwuka?

Franklin Akpotham. 2006
Chioma Akpotha/Husband

Which year did Chioma Chukwuka get married?

February 26, 2006Franklin Akpotha
Chioma Akpotha/Marry dates

Who is richest actress in Nigeria?

Genevieve Nnaji
Genevieve Nnaji is Nigeria’s richest actress. In 2021, her net worth was estimated to amount to 10 million U.S. dollars (around two billion Naira).

Where is Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha born and raised?

An actress, film producer and director, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha was born in Lagos state, Nigeria and graduated with a BSc in Banking & Finance from the Lagos State University. Born March 12 1980, the dashing damsel, wife and mother of two’ hails from Anambra State in Eastern Nigeria.

Who is the actress known as Chioma Chukwuka?

Chioma Chukwuka. Chioma Chukwuka (born 12 March 1980), also credited as Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha or Chioma Akpotha, is a Nigerian actress and movie producer.

What kind of movies did Chioma Akpotha appear in?

In 2006 , Chioma was featured in movies such as ; Asunder, Chinwe Okeke , Death in Faith, End of Discussion, Desperate Ambition, Last Dance, Naked Sin, On my wedding day, Royal doom, The saint, Serpent in paradise, and Sound of love.

When did Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha become Glo ambassador?

Chioma’s prolific acting prowess has been recognized locally and internationally, In 2011, Chioma Akpotha was signed up as a Glo ambassador in a deal that is worth over 100 million naira. Chioma has also endorsed several products from numerous industries.