Where can I watch Martial Law TV show?

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What channel is martial law on?

Martial Law (TV series)

Martial Law
Production companies Carlton Cuse Productions Ruddy Morgan Productions 20th Century Fox Television CBS Productions
Distributor CBS Media Ventures (USA/Canada) Disney Media Distribution/20th Television (overseas)
Original network CBS

How many episodes of martial law are there?

Martial Law/Number of episodes

How many seasons of martial law was there?

Martial Law/Number of seasons

Why did Tammy leave martial law?

The cast faced turnover from the beginning. Detective Dana Dickson (Tammy Lauren) exited the show after season one, episode six, “Extreme Measures”, as she moved away to “live with her parents” as noted on the following episode.

What was the last episode of martial law?

Episode 22
Martial Law/Final episode

Why did Louis Mandylor leave martial law?

In many scenes, Hung does not speak at all, making Martial Law one of the few US television series to feature little dialogue from the lead character. The show lasted two seasons, before being cancelled due to high production costs and Hung being unhappy with the writing of season two.

What was the final episode of martial law?

When did Arsenio Hall join the cast of martial law?

Then on season one, episode nine, “How Sammo Got His Groove Back”, Arsenio Hall joined the cast as Terrell Parker, a wisecracking former L.A.P.D. press liaison who began helping out Sammo and the gang on cases.

When was the TV show martial law made?

September 26, 1998
Martial Law/First episode date

Martial Law is an American crime drama starring Sammo Hung. It premiered on CBS on September 26, 1998 and ended on May 13, 2000, with a total of 44 episodes over the course of 2 seasons.

Did Sammo Hung do his own stunts on martial law?

Hung does most of his own stunts, which keeps him from talking too much. Kung-fu buffs know that Hung played the young student who fights Bruce Lee in the opening scenes of “Enter the Dragon.”