Where can I get a flu shot in Phoenix AZ?

You can also walk in to their main site.

  • East Valley Vaccination Center (EVVAX) www.evvax.com or 480-833-0554.
  • Healthwaves Corporate Wellness www.healthwaves.com or 480-968-1886.
  • Maxim www.findaflushot.com.
  • Mollen Immunization Clinics www.flushotsusa.com or 480-214-2000.

Where is the easiest place to get a flu shot?

Most local pharmacies offer flu shots, as do drug stores and quick clinics. All of the major chain pharmacies in the US — CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger — offer flu shots at most of their locations across the country.

Where can I get a flu shot in Honolulu?

Flu Information

  • State of Hawaii – Vaccine Locator – Click on Where to Get Your Influenza Vaccination?
  • CVS Pharmacy.
  • Don Quijote Pharmacy (Call Pharmacy Directly)
  • Foodland Super Market.
  • Good Neighbor Pharmacies.
  • Safeway Pharmacy.
  • Times Pharmacy (Call 832-8262 for more info)
  • Walgreens Pharmacy.

Where can I get a flu shot in Tucson?

Flu shots are offered at the CVS MinuteClinic at 1900 West Valencia Road Tucson, AZ. Schedule your flu shot ahead of time so you can get in and out faster.

When should I get a flu shot in Arizona?

You should get a flu shot before the flu starts spreading where you live. Fall is the best time to get your yearly shot. If possible, get the shot by the end of October.

Where can I get a flu shot in Yuma?

The 2019-2020 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine will be available at the Health District, 2200 W. 28th Street, Yuma starting , September 16th . Seasonal flu vaccinations are available for all individuals 6 months of age and older. The cost is $25.00 for adults and $10.00 for individuals 18 years and younger.

Is it safe to get a flu shot at a pharmacy?

Authorised pharmacists in NSW have been safely administering influenza vaccines since 2015 and no safety concerns have been identified.

Is CVS offering flu shots?

Two great options for flu shots Both CVS Pharmacy® and MinuteClinic® offer free flu shots, both are open 7 days a week, both welcome walk-ins and both provide online scheduling. Here is additional information to see which option is best for you.

Where can I get a flu shot for free in Tucson?

Pima County also provides free flu shots at their East, North, and Theresa Lee Clinics, and convenient and affordable – often free – flu shots are available at most pharmacies, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, and community health centers.