Where can I buy Suzuki Bandit motorbike parts?

All in-stock items are dispatched direct from our UK warehouse. We stock the largest range of 600 and 1200, K1-K5 600 and 1200 Suzuki Bandit parts. As well as the new K6 650 and 1250 and GSX1400. Purchase securely online or call us today!

When did the Suzuki Bandit 600 come out?

Renowned an excellent choice for sports touring, Suzuki’s Bandit series has had a lot of revisions over the years, but whether it’s an older model from the 90’s or one of the later early 2000’s models, you have come to rely on your Suzuki Bandit 600 to get you where you need to go, and probably a lot farther than that.

What kind of motorcycle is a streetfighter?

StreetFighters are drastically changed motorcycles with powerful engines. Every Fighter is unique and exists only once. A stock bike is not a StreetFighter! To give you an idea what is going on in Europe, especially in Germany, check out this page. from the Bike Show FighteRama.

What kind of headlight does a streetfighter use?

Matt Black Dominator Twin Round Headlight Set. Fully Road Legal, E-Marked. Get the Streetfighter look. Also Includes Amber Indicator LED’S Enabling Stock Indicators to be removed for a Fantastic Trimmed down Rear End, or can be used with indicators as an Additional Safety Feature

How much weight does a Suzuki gsx1250f have?

That’s partly because mechanically it’s almost entirely a Bandit 1250SA – but the fairing and accessories list make it more useful and sportier looking. The GSX1250F might pack a 257kg fully-fuelled weight, but it hides it well.

What does ISC do on Suzuki GSX 1250 FA?

Automatic Idle Speed Control (ISC) helps improve cold starting, reduce cold-start emissions and stabilize engine idle under varying conditions. Liquid-cooled oil cooler helps keep the engine running cool. Effective engine management and emissions control systems together allow the GSX1250FA to meet the latest emission regulations and standards.