Where can I buy a sold out concert ticket?

Cash or Trade. Sites like Cash or Trade allow buyers to deal directly with sellers, and sellers at CoT sell tickets at face value (i.e. the selling price of the ticket) or below.

  • Craigslist. People sell everything on Craigslist, including tickets.
  • eBay and StubHub.
  • Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange.
  • SeatGeek.
  • viagogo.
  • Vivid Seats.
  • How do you get into a sold out concert?

    How to get into a sold out concert

    1. – Listen to radio stations promoting the show and call for free tickets.
    2. – Go to a ticket broker.
    3. – If you do find yourself looking for shady scalpers on the street near the venue, wait it out a little bit.

    What does it mean when tickets are sold out?

    : having all available tickets or accommodations sold completely and especially in advance also : of or relating to a sold-out event a sold-out crowd.

    Does Ticketmaster tell you when tickets are sold out?

    We never say a show is sold out, as we never know if we’ll receive more tickets, so it’s always worth checking back nearer to the event date.

    How can I avoid getting scammed for concert tickets?

    BBB: How to avoid ticket scams to your favorite events

    1. First, purchase directly from the venue whenever possible.
    2. Next, consider your source.
    3. And always research the seller or broker.
    4. Know the refund policy.
    5. Use protected payment options.
    6. Always verify your purchased tickets.

    How do you get into a concert without tickets?

    How To Go To A Concert Without Buying Tickets

    1. Volunteer at a show.
    2. Volunteer at a festival.
    3. You know those email contests about free tickets? They actually work.
    4. Offer up your creative talents.
    5. Intern with the event company.
    6. Don’t be scared of contacting the artist.
    7. Act like you’re important.

    What is another word for sold out?

    In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sold-out, like: ozzfest, gone, depleted, sell out, sellout, out-of, all sold, out-of-stock and not in stock.

    What does sell out mean?

    1 : to dispose of one’s goods by sale especially : to sell one’s business. 2 : to betray one’s cause or associates especially for personal gain. 3 : to be or achieve a sellout.