Where are the Stars on the Australian flag?

a large seven-pointed white star (six representing the six states of Australia and one representing the territories) in the centre of the lower quarter next the staff and pointing direct to the centre of St George’s Cross in the Union Flag; five white stars (representing the Southern Cross) in the half of the flag further from the staff.

What are the different types of Australian flags?

List of Australian flags 1 National flags. 2 Other flags recognised under the Flags Act 1953. 3 Personal flags. 4 States and territories. 5 Civil ensigns. 6 Australian Defence Force. 7 Australian Border Force 8 Federal and state police. 9 Cities and areas. 10 Religious flags.

What does the cross on the Australian flag stand for?

St George’s Ensign or White Ensign: white field defaced with a thin Cross of Saint George, Union Flag in the first quarter. It was replaced by the Australian White Ensign.

When did the Australian flag become a national flag?

The dimensions were formally gazetted in 1934, and in 1954 the flag became recognised by, and legally defined in, the Flags Act 1953, as the ” Australian National Flag “. The Australian flag uses three prominent symbols: Crux, the Union Jack and the Commonwealth Star.

Where does the Red come from in the Australian flag?

The red colour in the ensign part of the Australian flag (Pantone 185C, Hex: #FF0000) is actually a shade lighter, then from the British flag (Pantone 186C, Hex: #C8102E) from where it originated.

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Where is the RAAF roundel on the Australian flag?

The national flag with a light blue field, the Southern Cross tilted and the RAAF roundel (Kangaroo) placed in the lower fly. The national flag with a light blue field, the Southern Cross tilted and the RAAF roundel placed in the lower fly. The British Royal Air Force Ensign .