Where are Barawa people originally from?

Origins. As their name suggests, the Bravanese hail from Brava (Barawa), a port town on the southeastern coast of Somalia. Barawa is the most diverse place in Somalia. The people of this Banadir coast have been mixing with people from all around the world for hundreds of years.

What is Barwani Somali?

The Bravanese people [also known as Barawan, Barawani, Baravani, Reer Brava, Reer Baraawe] are an ethnic minority group in Somalia (UK 17 Jan. They originate from the coastal city of Brava [also known as Barawe or Baraawe] and speak Chimiini [also known as Chimwini, Chimbalazi, Af Baraawe] (Academic 15 Nov.

What is Barawa language?

Bravanese, also called Chimwiini (ChiMwini, Mwiini, Mwini) or Chimbalazi is a variety of Swahili spoken by the Bravanese people, who are the predominant inhabitants of Barawa, or Brava, in Somalia. It is classified as a Northern Dialect of Swahili.

Where did REER Xamar come from?

Although the Benadiri are sometimes described as the founders of Mogadishu (hence, their colloquial name Reer Xamar or “People of Mogadishu”, though the city itself is postulated to be a successor of ancient Sarapion), the Benadiris originate from a group of Arab travelers who settled along the southern coast of …

Are Bravanese Somali?

The Bravanese [also referred to as Bravan or Barawan (Denmark 2000, 38; Institute for Cultural Partnerships 1997)] are an ethnic minority group from the southern Somali town of Brava (ibid.; Denmark 2000, 41).

What language do REER Xamar speak?

Somali language
Benadiri Somali also referred to as “Coastal Somali” (Somali: Af Reer Xamar) is a dialect of the Somali language. It is primarily spoken by the Benadiri people, who inhabit the southern Banaadir coast of Somalia….Benadiri Somali.

Glottolog bena1268

Is Baraawe safe?

Baraawe is extremely dangerous, and you most certainly risk your life if you travel by yourself. Even with an armed guard, you could still be targeted.

Are rahanweyn Somali?

The Rahanweyn (Maay: Reewin, Somali: Raxanweyn, Arabic: رحنوين‎), also known as the Digil and Mirifle are a Somali clan.

Is Xamar and Mogadishu the same?

Mogadishu (Somali: Muqdisho, popularly Xamar; Arabic: مقديشو‎) is the largest city in Somalia and the nation’s capital.

Who are Shanshi Somali?

Shanshiyo (Somali: Shanshiyo Arabic: الشاشي) who goes by the name Shaanshi is a Somali clan, mainly from the southern coastal cities of; Mogadishu, Marka, Baraawe, and Kismayo and have established communities in the hinterlands in towns such as Baidoa and Diinsoor due to trading.

What is the biggest tribe in Somalia?


  • The Darod (Somali: Daarood, Arabic: دارود‎) is a Somali clan.
  • The Darod clan is one of the largest Somali clans in the Horn of Africa.

What kind of people live in Barawa Somalia?

Barawa (Somali: Baraawe, Arabic: مدينة ﺑﺮﺍﻭة‎ Madīna Barāwa), also known as Barawe and Brava, is a port town in the southwestern Lower Shebelle region of Somalia. It is mainly inhabited a multiracial ethnic group known as the Bravanese people and the Tunni clan.

What was the role of Reer Xamar in Somalia?

Reer Xamar were instrumental in helping to consolidate the local Muslim community, especially in the coastal Benadir region. During the colonial period, they were also among the founding members of the Somali Youth League, Somalia’s first political party.

Who are the Benadiri people of southern Somalia?

The Benadiri people, also known as Reer Hamar or Cadcad colloquially (Somali: Reer Benaadir, Arabic: البنادريون ‎) are an ethnic minority in Somalia. Benadiris largely inhabit Somalia ‘s southern coastline.

Where is the Barawa port in Somalia located?

Barawa ( Somali: Baraawe, Arabic: مدينة ﺑﺮﺍﻭة ‎ Madīna Barāwa ), also known as Barawe and Brava, is a port town in the southwestern Lower Shebelle region of Somalia.