When was Nottingham arena built?

August 1998
Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Broke ground August 1998
Built 1998–2000
Opened 1 April 2000
Expanded 2011

When did Nottingham Ice arena open?

1 April 2000
National Ice Centre

Opened 1 April 2000
Construction cost £43 million
Nottingham Panthers (2000–present)

What was the Motorpoint Arena called before?

Cardiff International Arena (currently known as the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff for sponsorship reasons and formerly known as Cardiff International Arena & Convention Centre) is an indoor exhibition centre and events arena located in Cardiff, Wales, and was opened on 10 September 1993 by singer Shirley Bassey.

How many seats are in the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham?

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham/Capacity

With a seated capacity of 9,300 and a standing capacity of 10,000 there is nowhere quite like the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham.

Does Nottingham have an ice rink?

Glide into the exciting world of ice skating at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham. A lively and fun activity to enjoy with family or friends, ice skating is guaranteed to get your body moving.

When did Dolly Parton come to Nottingham?

Dolly Parton @ The Capital FM Arena, Nottingham, UK – 22nd August 2011.

What are the best seats at Nottingham Arena?

As for the seating blocks, four and 16 have the best views, closely followed by five and 15. (One warning: rows P to V are high up, and not recommended for those with vertigo or mobility issues.)

Does madness still tour?

Madness is currently touring across 7 countries and has 29 upcoming concerts.

How expensive is it to build a ice rink?

According to the Ice Skating Institute, the cost for a single surface ice skating arena is between $2 and $4 million, while a twin surface ice skating area costs between $5 and $7 million.

When did Capital FM Arena Nottingham get its name?

In 2007, former radio station, Trent FM purchased naming rights for four years, becoming the Trent FM Arena Nottingham. When Trent FM was bought by Global Radio, the naming rights were assigned to Capital FM, and the Arena now became known as Capital FM Arena Nottingham.

Where did the Civil War take place in Nottinghamshire?

You can also visit The National Civil War Centre, an excellent museum dedicated to this tulmutuous era of British history. Despite the surrender of Charles I, the Civil War rumbled on. A final skirmish in Nottinghamshire took place at Willoughby-on-Wolds in the south of Nottinghamshire on 5 July 1648.

When was the National Ice Centre in Nottingham built?

The arena is part of the National Ice Centre which was constructed on the site of the former Nottingham Ice Stadium. The ice stadium opened in 1939 and was showing its age, so, in September 1995, plans were announced to replace the Ice Stadium.

Who was at Rod Stewart concert in Nottingham?

In July, the arena booked Rod Stewart and the concert helped place Nottingham on the map. The arena was able to book many big-name artists such as: Elton John, Diana Ross, Kylie Minogue, Barry Manilow, Westlife, Usher, Green Day, Iron Maiden, Kasabian, Metallica, Muse and The Killers.