When it is best to use the coefficient of variation?

The coefficient of variation represents the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean, and it is a useful statistic for comparing the degree of variation from one data series to another, even if the means are drastically different from one another.

What is a negative coefficient?

A negative coefficient suggests that as the independent variable increases, the dependent variable tends to decrease. The coefficient value signifies how much the mean of the dependent variable changes given a one-unit shift in the independent variable while holding other variables in the model constant.

What is the z score of 95 percent?


How do you find Z value in Excel?

Excel Z ScoreExcel Z Score (Table of Contents)Z = (x-µ) / σMean (or Average) calculation:Step 1 – Go to the Formulas tab. Step 2 – Now click on Statistical functions category from the drop-down list. Step 3 – It will open a Function Arguments dialog box. Standard Deviation calculation:Step 1 – Go to the Formulas tab.