When did the earthquake and tsunami happen in Indonesia?

2018 Indonesia earthquakes and tsunamis timeline. Indonesians in Java and Sumatra experienced earthquakes in April and July 2018 respectively, but the most damaging quakes of 2018 occurred later on Lombok island and in Central Sulawesi.

Who are the people who lost everything in the earthquake in Indonesia?

Nursanti, 32, and her 8-month-old child, Nabila, have been sleeping under a makeshift cover since the Indonesia earthquake of Sept. 28 in Central Sulawesi. “I am still in shock,” Nursanti says. “We have lost everything; our house is flat on the ground.”

What was the damage after the Lombok earthquake?

Widespread damage and scenes of devastation after the Aug. 5 Lombok, Indonesia, earthquake include collapsed buildings and bridges, homes crushed and flattened, and an exodus of tourists stranded along the shoreline. (©2018 World Vision/photo by Petry Purenia)

Who are the aid groups for Indonesia earthquake?

Wahana Visi is the World Vision entity listed among the aid groups responding on Java. (©2018 image courtesy of UNOCHA) Explore frequently asked questions about the 2018 Indonesia earthquakes, and learn how you can help children and families affected by disasters in Indonesia.

How tall was the tsunami in Palu Indonesia?

Either way, what happened next is indisputable: this body of water ultimately crashed into the city of Palu in the form of a powerful tsunami reaching crests of 5.5 meters (18 feet) high. It impacted plenty along this stretch of the shore, including those in the city of Donggala, but Palu bore the brunt of the devastation.

What to do in case of tsunami in Indonesia?

If you’re inside, you should drop to the floor, get under cover beneath a sturdy table, and hold on until a minute or so after the shaking has stopped. The latter point may seem counterintuitive to those seeing footage of collapsed buildings.