What zip code is 72031?

ZIP Code 72031

Post Office City: Clinton, AR (View All Cities)
County: Van Buren County
Timezone: Central (7:49am)
Area code: 501 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 35.6, -92.6 ZIP (~17 mile radius)

What is zip code for North Dakota?

Fargo – (Cass) 58102 North Dakota
Fargo – (Cass) 58103 North Dakota
Fargo – (Cass) 58104 North Dakota
Fargo – (Cass) 58105 North Dakota

What is the zip code for Conway Arkansas?

Conway/Zip codes

What is the zip code for Harrison Arkansas?

Harrison/Zip codes

What’s a FIPS code?

FIPS codes are numbers which uniquely identify geographic areas. The number of digits in FIPS codes vary depending on the level of geography. State-level FIPS codes have two digits, county-level FIPS codes have five digits of which the first two are the FIPS code of the state to which the county belongs.

How do I get a FIPS code?

You can find a FIPS code by searching for an address on PolicyMap and then simply clicking to identify an area on the map. When the info bubble pops up, a hierarchy of geographies is listed from largest to smallest.

What is Idaho’s postal code?

Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Idaho?

Rank Zip Code Population
1 83646 63,945
2 83709 58,391
3 83301 57,340
4 83686 48,971

What is mountain home zip code?

Mountain Home/Zip codes

Where is the ZIP code 72031 in Arkansas?

ZIP code 72031 is located in northern Arkansas and covers a large land area compared to other ZIP codes in the United States. It also has a slightly less than average population density. The people living in ZIP code 72031 are primarily white. The number of seniors is extremely large while the number of middle aged adults is large.

Where can I find the FIPS codes for Al?

County FIPS Codes FIPS Name State 01001 Autauga AL 01003 Baldwin AL 01005 Barbour AL 01007 Bibb AL 01009 Blount AL 01011 Bullock AL 01013 Butler AL 01015 Calhoun AL 01017 Chambers AL 01019 Cherokee AL 01021 Chilton AL 01023 Choctaw AL 01025 Clarke

Where are the FIPS codes for Baldwin Al?

/ County FIPS Codes Stay Connected County FIPS Codes FIPS Name State 01001 Autauga AL 01003 Baldwin AL 01005 Barbour AL 01007 Bibb AL 01009

How is the FIPS code assigned to a county?

So, the full five-digit county FIPS code is “49017”. FIPS codes are assigned in alphabetic order to counties counting by odd numbers. The first county in a statealphabetically is always 001, the second county is always 003, the third is 005 and so on.