What was the first brickfilm?

En rejse til månen
The first known brickfilm, En rejse til månen (Danish for ‘Journey to the Moon’), was created in 1973 by Lars C. Hassing and Henrik Hassing. The six-minute video featured both stop motion animation and live action, and was recorded on Super 8 film.

Who made the first LEGO stop-motion?

It was made by Lars and Henrik Hassing in 1973, when the two cousins were 12 and 10, respectively. They made it, Lars says on YouTube, where he uploaded the movie last year, as a gift for their grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary. He and his cousin were inspired by NASA’s Apollo program.

What is the longest brickfilm?

Independent Brickfilmers “The Great Disturbance” film poster The longest ever known brickfilm is by Brickfilms.com member called Selavast, with his 4 hour long brickfilm The Wars of Darkness . At the time of the videos creation it was too large to put on the internet, so the only copies of the film were on a few DVDs.

How many frames per second is the Lego movie?

The standard frame rate for most LEGO stop motion animations is 15, although this may vary and will be enforced by the video compiling software you use to put your animation together. Less than 15 will cause some frames to be added, while having more may skip a few.

Is Lego stop-motion hard?

Lego Stop Motion Tutorials Stop motion animation is not difficult, it is time-consuming, repetitive and requires patience. First thing to learn is the animating of a minifigure character walking. This tutorial is slightly more difficult than the previous, showing you a few more tecniques.

How long does it take to make a 5 minute stop-motion?

Although a typical 5-minute 2D animation video can take 2-5 months to produce. The average time to produce a 60-90 second explainer video is 6 weeks.

How many frames per second is The Lego Movie?

What kind of movies are made with Lego bricks?

Brickfilms are stop-motion animation movies that are made using LEGO® bricks or similar construction toys. With the ever expanding internet, brickfiliming is more widespread, than ever before.

Who is the author of the Lego Brickumentary?

Furthermore, we also explore the various aficionados of the product like the collectors, hobbyists, artists, architects, engineers, scientists and doctors who have found uses for this classic construction toy that go far beyond children’s playtime. Written by Kenneth Chisholm ([email protected])

Can you watch brick fu epic Lego battle?

Video 9: Brick-Fu …Epic Lego Battle!! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later.

Where did the idea for Lego bricks come from?

Of all the toys arising from the 20th century, there has never been one like Lego bricks. This film covers the history of this product of Denmark and how it arose from a toy company with an owning family that refused to let either hard times or multiple fiery disasters get them down.