What stores are with Zorich Group?

Established over 30 years ago, Zorich Group is the parent company of South Australian sporting goods and clothing retailers Sportspower, JT Surf and Rivalry Urbanwear.

Who owns Zorich group?

Mr Zorich and his wife Judy co-founded the sporting goods business in 1987, and run the business with their sons. Mr Zorich said longer term measures in terms of tax cuts for businesses to stimulate investment and personal income tax cuts to boost spending power of households would help with economic recovery.

Who owns Sports power?

Mike Egan – Business Owner & director – SportsPower Australia | LinkedIn.

How many sports power stores are there?

Since then, the group has continued to increase its advertising and marketing presence as well as it’s footprint and over the years has embarked on an expansion program to grow to over 120 stores and become highly regarded within the sporting goods industry and market. WHY CHOOSE SPORTSPOWER?

When was sportspower founded?

SportsPower had its beginnings in 1978 when a group of 8 independent retailers banded together and formed a co-operative called ‘Sports Star’. Their concept was simple, operating as a group must offer greater advantages than trying to survive as individual retailers.

Does SportsPower do Afterpay?

Your local SportsPower stores has a range of payment options to suit your needs. As all stores are independent and locally owned, please check with your local store to confirm what payment options they offer. Split your order into 4 payments with Afterpay, and enjoy your purchase today.

How many stores does sportspower have?

Does Amart All Sports still exist?

The Amart Sports brand was officially discontinued as of 1 November 2017.

What does the a in Amart stand for?

AMART. Association of Mid Atlantic Round Tables.

What stores Openpay?

Featured Openpay Stores

  • Edge Clothing. Online.
  • French Connection. Online.
  • ShopZero. Online.
  • Bonds. Online.
  • Berlei. Online.
  • Intersport. Online.
  • Nine West. Online.
  • Kogan.com. Online.

Does SportsPower have Afterpay?