What size are MGB wire wheels?

The first is a 4.5” X 14” 60 spoke, and the second is a 5.5” X 14” 72 spoke. Both size wheels are available in either silver painted or chrome. Have a look at the MGB wire wheels for sale now.

What PCD are MGB wheels?

Carl the bolt pattern is 4×4. 5″ or 4×114. 3mm, with a 5.5″ wide wheel you need about 4.25″ of backspacing or a offset of +18-20mm….Mgb wheel pcd.

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What year is the best MGB?

A brief review of the MGB’s history provides an easy answer to what is considered the “best” MGB to buy: The cars from model years 1966 and 1967 get that accolade. They still carried the classic body style, highlighted by shiny bumpers and a pretty grille.

How do you clean painted wire wheels?

I used Simple Green for years to clean wire wheels, both painted and chromed, and never had any problems. It is a good degreaser, cleans well, rinses free (meaning it leaves nothing of itself behind), and on painted and plastic surfaces it has not changed the sheen.

Do MGB wheels fit Morris Minor?

Morris Minor Forum No, MGB wheels will not.

What kind of wheels are on a MGB?

Normally 68-80 MGB convertible and 65-74 MGBGT. For tube type axle cars. Normally 68-80 MGB convertible and 65-74 MGBGT. With MG logo. To 1964 chassis #30850. With MG logo. To 1964 chassis #30850. With MG logo. From 1964 chassis #30851 on. 68-80 cars can use these instead of the octagon nuts.

How do you test tire fit on MGB?

With all non-stock wheels, test fit and make sure there is no rubbing on the outside of the tires, and no interference on inside with the tie-rod ends, brakes or other suspension parts, on full lock on both sides.

How big of a wheel do you need for a MGC?

Loading… 15″ x 5.5″ wheels are the recommended size for MGC replacement wheels. The OEM spec wheel is no longer available for MGC. Note: See Tire and Wheel Plus Sizing and Modern Tires for Classic Sports Cars for more sizing info.

Can you use wire wheel adaptors on MGB hubs?

These are Triumph wire wheel adaptors on MGB hubs (fitted to an GA, but that isn’t relevant) with such spacers. PS – you might also want to note that you need to use special shallow wheel nuts so the adaptors don’t cause the wheels to bottom on the nuts instead of the bevel on the adaptors (regular wheel nuts hit the inside of the wire heel rim)