What should I put on my resume for Starbucks?

10 Necessary Skills to Include in Your Barista ResumeCustomer service. Bartending of any kind (even the non-alcoholic kind) demands a specific style of customer service. Reliability. Timeliness can make or break your chances of success in this industry. Knowledge. Speed and efficiency. Teamwork. Unflappability. Attention to detail. Salesmanship.

How do I write a barista CV?

Introduction: write a compelling paragraph that gives your professional background. Work experience: document your previous work history and past job duties. Education: add your academic history and any school-related accomplishments. Skills: give a list of relevant cafe skills and barista skills for a resume.

What are the types of resume?

Depending on the type of job you are applying to, different resume formats may apply. The four standard types of resumes include 1) chronological, 2) functional, 3) combination, or 4) targeted.

What are the 2 types of resumes?

CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME ~ emphasizes work experience, in reverse chronological order, listing most recent job first. FUNCTIONAL RESUME emphasizes skills and talents you have developed and de-emphasizes job titles, employers names, and dates.