What restaurants are on the Albert Dock?

  • Lerpwl. British Restaurant.
  • Madre. Mexican taqueria.
  • Maray. Eclectic and seasonal food.
  • Revolucion de Cuba. Cuban Bar and Cantina.
  • Rosa’s Thai Cafe. Thai Restaurant.
  • Lunyalita. Catalonian Deli, Restaurant & Bar.
  • Gusto. Italian Restaurant.
  • The Smugglers Cove. Themed Pub.

Why did Albert Dock close?

In the aftermath of the war, the financial problems of the owners and the general decline of docking in the city meant that the future of the Albert Dock was uncertain. Numerous plans were developed for the re-use of the buildings but none came to fruition and in 1972 the dock was finally closed.

How deep is the Albert Dock?

All docks have at least 3.00m water depth (some are deeper).

What is on at the Albert Dock Liverpool?

  • Tate Liverpool. Art Gallery.
  • Merseyside Maritime Museum. Museum.
  • Liverpool Mountain. Sculpture.
  • International Slavery Museum. Museum.

Who owns Albert Dock?

Aberdeen Asset Management
More than six million visitors a year now flock to enjoy the Albert Dock’s rich variety. New owner Aberdeen Asset Management announces a vision for the future of the Dock’s retail and leisure offer, describing it as a ‘one of a kind destination’.

Are Liverpool docks still used?

Because tankers are getting larger, Ms Starkey said Liverpool has “had to constantly build bigger docks and are still doing today”. She said Albert Dock, constructed in 1846, was outgrown by the ships using it within a few decades “although the warehouses remained profitable for years”.

Can you walk around Liverpool Docks?

Enjoy a 2km linear wellbeing walk along Liverpool Docks with lots to see along the way. This gentle walk is broken down into easy stages so you can keep a note of your progress and the distance covered.

Are coffee shops open UK?

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 4 January and in line with Government guidelines, all Costa Coffee stores in England will remain open for takeaway, Drive-Thru, Click & Collect and delivery. However, all eat-in and outdoor seating areas will be closed.