What Not to Write in Your Marketing Text Message

SMS marketing has come to life again, and businesses are using it to attract more sales. It is one of the cheapest modes of advertising that also brings results. However, considering it doesn’t cost much, people don’t pay much attention to it and make mistakes that one can’t expect from a professional. To run a text message marketing campaign, you should have a tool to manage contacts and messages and analyze which copy works best. Here are things you should never write in your text message.


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A Story

While sharing your brand story with prospects has its value, an SMS is not the place to do it. Write only what you are offering and avoid anything about your company, its founders, or yourself as representatives. People will ignore the message in the first view if it’s nothing useful to them.

Too Much Information

Keep your text message as short as possible. Sharing additional or too much information about the product or service you are offering is not a good practice to engage your audience in a text message. If there is some lengthy important information, you should share a link to it. You should definitely be aware of the best practices for SMS marketing so that you can write the most effective texts.

Your Signature

It’s not email and it’s not like email. People read emails and text messages with a different set of minds. This set of mind doesn’t want to see a signature or your name at the end of the message. They can see your brand name at the top of the message and that’s all they need to know.

Acronyms or Hashtags

Keeping a message short doesn’t mean using a short form of words like “c ya”, “ths srvc”, “our cmpny”. Furthermore, avoid acronyms that the reader won’t understand. There is also no point in using hashtags in a text message as you are not trying to trend a keyword.

Period after One Word

Make it a rule to never use a period (full stop) after a single word. For example, “Okay.” or “Done.” should be avoided. I read in an article on Business Insider that it sounds rude in the mind of the reader.