What makeup does Ina Garten wear?

Ina Garten loves Glossier One doesn’t really associate the Hamptons resident with cosmetics, or beauty regimens for that matter. She’s, of course, our culinary diva, and expert in all things having to do with kitchen goings-on. So, it was a surprise when she gushed about Glossier in an Instagram post.

Is Jeffrey Garten related to Alan Garten?

Garten was born to a Jewish family. He is the son of Ruth (née Engelman) and Melvin Garten. His brother, Allan Garten, is a retired federal prosecutor in Portland, Oregon. He married Ina Rosenberg in 1968.

Is the Barefoot Contessa still married?

Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey have been married for 52 years. Their love story began when she visited her brother at Dartmouth College in 1963.

Who is Ina Gartens friend?

T.R Pescod
Ina’s friend T.R Pescod is hosting a party and he’s come to Ina for help.

Where does Ina Garten get her denim shirts?

In person, Ina Garten is exactly the way she’s been immortalized on TV. On the day I visit her at her idyllic East Hampton compound, she’s wearing one of her signature oversize navy button-up shirts, which she buys in bulk from Eileen Fisher, Talbots, and Lands’End.

Are Ina Garten and Martha Stewart friends?

As it turns out, Garten and Stewart are friends that have supported one anothers’ careers for years, according to The Travel. While the duo is far from the clear chemistry that Stewart and Snoop have, they are not the fierce competitors that one might imagine.

What vanilla extract does Barefoot Contessa use?

Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon pure vanilla extract
On the list, of course, is her go-to brand of vanilla, Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon pure vanilla extract. While our trust for Ina’s word knows no bounds, we can also confirm that it’s a high-quality extract (“good,” if you will) that will add a delicious je ne sais quoi to your cookies, cakes and shortbreads.