What Life magazines are worth money?

Among the best are covers picturing sports stars. The May 1, 1939, issue picturing Joe DiMaggio sells for $150, while the June 25, 1956, issue with Mickey Mantle sells for $100. The most valuable copy of Life, priced at $200, is the April 13, 1962, issue with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton on the cover.

How do you value a magazine?

The following are performance metrics that managers in the magazine industry use to benchmark their performance to others in the industry:

  1. Revenue per page.
  2. Cost per page.
  3. G&A/revenue.
  4. Subscribership and circulation.
  5. Renewal rate.
  6. Market share.
  7. Number of advertisers.
  8. Number of pages.

Are 1960’s Life magazines worth anything?

The High End. Certain copies of 1960 Life magazines are worth more, including those having to do with that year’s presidential race. They typically fetch upwards of $15 on eBay.

Should I throw away my old magazines?

If either your books or magazines have gotten wet or the paper has turned tan or brown, they should be thrown away with your household trash, as there is no recycling market for this material.

What is the most valuable magazine?

The most valuable magazines in the world

Playboy V1 #1 (Marilyn Monroe) Mint Condition Up to $635,000
Beeton’s Christmas Annual 1887 (Sherlock Holmes) Up to $156,000
Playboy V1 #1 (Marilyn Monroe) Good Condition Up to $2,100
Sports Illustrated Nov. 29, 1963 (Roger Staubach) Up to $1,800

Are old Time magazines valuable?

Most any older periodicals can have some value depending on how many people want it. As an example, to those who gather sports memorabilia, finding a copy of the first Sports Illustrated magazine published in 1954 can be a real treasure. They easily retail for thousands in excellent to mint condition.

Can I sell old magazines?

As you can see, old magazines and newspapers are a great way to earn extra cash. Great places to sell old magazine issues include vintage shops, comic and magazine dealers, consignment shops, and private collectors. You can also list and sell your old magazines and newspapers online on sites like eBay.

What should you do with old magazines?

Donate old magazines to schools or day care centers. Donate used magazines to a dentist’s or doctor’s office or auto shop waiting room. Donate magazines to teen centers or community centers. You can also post an ad on Craigslist.org or Freecycle.org.

Do old National Geographics have value?

Find the terra-cotta colored number 1 or others from the 1880s and you’ll put $4,000 or more in your pocket. Later, but still very old, “red-cover” issues also have substantial value. National Geographic dealers will pay at least $200 for issues published before 1905. But after that, the value drops dramatically.

Who buys National Geographic?

21st Century Fox
Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox buys National Geographic media. 21st Century Fox will purchase National Geographic’s media properties, including its iconic magazine, in a $725 million deal to create a new venture between the two companies.

Are Old Look magazines valuable?

Movie star fans look for magazines featuring their favorite stars on the front. Notables such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe usually bring from $25 to $50 or more whether it’s on older Look or Life or a specialty movie magazine. Some can be worth much more.

Do old magazines have value?

Not all old magazines or newspapers are valuable; the value is usually based on whether or not they are in good condition with no tears, rips, missing covers, or markings. The most desired old magazines or newspapers are usually rare limited editions or ones depicting famous or historic events.

Where can you buy old magazines?

What it is: eBay has become the go-to place to buy and sell all things vintage, including old magazines. eBay offers vintage magazines and out of print magazines as well as back issues of contemporary magazines.

As a trusted source of world news, Time magazines are valued for accurate content covering the most pertinent and important issues of the day. Hence, you can buy old Time magazines with content contributing to your interests in a particular person or event.

Where can I sell old magazines online?

Find an avenue to advertise your old magazines that are for sale. You can sell the magazines through online auction sites, such as eBay, or websites like CraigsList.