What language is Goblok?

“goblok” in English goblok adjective stupid.

What is the meaning of Tolol?

Definition of tolol in the Malay dictionary stupid boss stupid, foolish; the ~ very stupid person; stupidity of foolishness, fuss.

What is Anjing Goblok?

you look like dog. Last Update: 2020-05-08.

How do you curse in Indonesia?

The word “Keparat” is equivalent to swear word “Bangsat” “Anjing” and “Monyet”. In English, it is equivalent to an expression “SOB” and “sc*mbag.” It is used to direct your hatred or despise towards someone. An example: “Keparat, lu bohong ke gue,” which more or less translates to “SOB, you lied to me” in English.

What is the meaning of Anjir in English?

There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Anjeer in English is Figs, and in Urdu we write it انجیر. The other meanings are Gawaar and Anjeer. There are also several similar words to Anjeer in our dictionary, which are Fig, Mulberry, Pineapple and Aggregate Fruit.

What does NGOT mean?

Not Going Out Tonight meaning staying in for some fun tonight. 0. Added on Aug. 19, 2016 anonymously.

What is Enak?

‘Enak’ is one of a number of adjectives in Indonesian that can be used in different contexts. You might have known that ‘enak’ means tasty in Indonesian.

What are the bad words in Indonesia?

​5 regional curse words from all over Indonesia that every Jakartan should know

  • Jancuk (jahn-chook)
  • Asu (ah-Sue)
  • Cukimai (choo-key-my)
  • Pukimak (poo-key-mack)
  • Anying (ahn-nyeeng)

Is Anjeer good for diabetes?

Diabetics can include Anjeer in their diet but it is advised to keep the quantity in check. Anjeer or figs are loaded with fiber, they help with proper insulin function in diabetes patients.

What does Goblok mean in English and Indonesian?

What does goblok mean in Indonesian? Your browser does not support audio. What does goblok mean in Indonesian? Find more words! Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.

What kind of slang words do they use in Indonesia?

Indonesian language is notorious for its numerous ever expanding slang words. It may even need a special dictionary to explain each of them. And it does not include slang words Indonesians use when chatting. Slangs in Indonesia vary from daily slangs (such as the meaning of word “lo” )to offensive expletives.

When do you use the word stupid in Indonesia?

But, ‘stupid’ word is used to express someone’s madness if they get mad at the other people’s stupidity. This word can hurt someone’s feeling if you express it with an angry expression.

What’s the best way to learn the Indonesian language?

Especially if you want to learn the Indonesian language. You should find a partner or a group of people that have the same interest like you. This will help you to improve your Indonesian language. You can have an informal conversation with your partners. One of the informal conversation is how to say stupid in Indonesian.