What kind of leotards do gymnasts wear?

Our fabulous gymnastics leotards incorporate everything you could wish for in a quality gymnastics performance outfit. Here at The Zone, our specialist fabric technologists and designers are constantly striving to make sure that our customers are the smartest, coolest and most comfortable performers out there on the floor!

Who was the mysterious visitor in the zone?

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Where does zone gymnastics get their clothes from?

Not only are we one of the foremost companies in the world for our fabulous fit and styling, with over 95% of our products made here in Great Britain, but we use only the latest in specialist fabrics and shapes to ensure that you’ll look and feel so confident, you’ll be able to focus purely on your routine!

Here, at Gymnastics Fantastic, you can buy perfect gymnasts wear for your training or competition. Our designers create gymnastics apparel from proven materials of the highest quality. We use biflex (lycra) to sew gymnastics uniforms for men that keeps an athlete’s body comfortable during a workout.

Which is the best gymnastics uniform for men?

An ideal men’s gymnastics uniform is made with quality material, a unique design, striking color schemes, and a good fit. Together, these elements make for the perfect male gymnastics apparel. We consider all of these attributes when creating our products. In other words, our men’s leotards are the best of the best.

What kind of apparatus do men gymnasts use?

There are six competitive apparatus in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG): Floor an exercise in pure acrobatics, alternating between powerful tumbling series and the composure necessary for balance and strength elements.

What kind of glue do you use for a leotard?

Any leotard can be sewn as leotard, leotard plus leggings or as unitard. White glue (e.g. REST) on PVA base is an ideal variant for those who’s recently started pasting. The glue is good for pasting crystals to the mesh.