What jobs in the Air Force will my ASVAB scores qualify me for?

To join the Air Force as an enlisted member, you must get a decent score on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test….ASVAB Scores and Air Force Jobs.

AFSC AFSC Title Qualification Area Minimum Scores
1A1X1 Flight engineer G57
1A2X1 Aircraft loadmaster G57
1A3X1 Airborne communication systems E70
1A6X1 Flight attendant A28

What jobs are available in the Air Force?

The available Air Force positions include its undersecretary; general counsel; assistant secretary for acquisition, technology and logistics; assistant secretary for financial management and comptroller ; assistant secretary for installations, environment, and logistics; and the assistant secretary for manpower and reserve affairs .

What are the career opportunities in the Air Force?

A career in the U.S. Air Force can provide you with the opportunity to serve your country while working in military operations, technology, science, or healthcare. There are a variety of career paths to choose within the Air Force, including enlisted member, officer, and commissioned officer healthcare…

What is a good ASVAB score for the Air Force?

Your ASVAB score includes your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score. For high school graduates, the required score is usually in the lower 30s, while those with a GED are usually required to score at least a 50. A “good” score for those who have graduated high school is considered to be a 35.

What to score on the ASVAB for the Air Force?

Air Force recruits must score at least 36 points the 99-point ASVAB. The vast majority, some 70 percent, of those accepted for an Air Force enlistment achieve a score of 50 or above.