What is Uji Gyokuro?

宇治玉露 Prized Green Energy. Known as “Jewel Dew”, Gyokuro is shade-grown for twenty days before harvest. The highest grade available, this truly special green tea is opulent in umami flavor and finishes smooth.

Is Gyokuro better than Sencha?

Both had lots of vegetal aroma, but where Sencha is rich and grassy, Gyokuro is sweeter and creamier. The Gyokuro was more intense, with even sweeter floral notes and a more savoury, buttery flavour. Both had plenty of characterful umami, but Gyokuro is much richer.

How much does Gyokuro cost?

As with good wine it takes many years to mature it’s distinct flavor. Tea expert Yamashita Toshikazu keeps this Gyokuro in a designated cold store for about 5 years to create an especially potent sweetness and mellow flavor….More videos on YouTube.

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Teaware for Gyokuro and Sencha

Does Gyokuro have more caffeine than Sencha?

Shaded teas (e.g. Gyokuro, Tencha, Matcha) have more caffeine than unshaded teas (Sencha, Bancha, Karigane, Kukicha, Benifuuki).

What is gyokuro tea good for?

Gyokuro contains polyphenols that can help improve oral health by preventing cavities and bad breath. It also contains fluoride and minerals which can prevent tooth decay and other infections in the mouth. Studies have found that drinking Gyokuro green tea could also protect against gum disease and gingivitis.

Is Gyokuro high in caffeine?

Gyokuro is higher in caffeine than many other green teas, containing almost as much caffeine as a typical black tea. Caffeine contact in tea is influenced by several factors, including: Tea varietal – Teas that are produced from the camellia sinensis var.

Is Sencha high in caffeine?

Sencha green tea is a classic choice if you’re looking for a pick-me-up during the day or after a meal. It offers a moderate caffeine boost but much lower than caffeine from coffee or the shaded green tea options like Gyokuro and Matcha.

How many times can you steep gyokuro?

And don’t toss the leaves: Since gyokuro leaves are so potent, you can re-steep them three or four times before they lose their sweetness.