What is Trojan Naturalamb made of?

They’re made from lamb cecum, which is the pouch located at the beginning of a lamb’s large intestine. Condoms made from the bladders and intestines of lambs and other animals have been around for thousands of years.

What size are Trojan Natural Lamb?

Trojan Natural Lamb Size With a width of 2.7″ (68 mm) and a length of 7.9″ (200 mm), they are actually among the largest condoms on the condom size chart. On the other hand, they are not nearly as stretchable as latex. They come with a KLING-TITE band to hold the condom in place.

What size is Trojan Pleasure Pack?

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Product Dimensions 2.38 x 5.13 x 5.19 inches; 5.6 Ounces
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What size are Trojan bare skins?

Trojan Latex Condoms Size Dimensions Guide

Trojan™ Condom Length Base (Nominal) / Flat Width
Trojan™ ENZ (Non-Lube, Lube or Spermicide) 170 – 190 mm 53 mm
Trojan™ Ultra Thin 170 – 190 mm 53 mm
Trojan™ Ultra Ribbed 170 – 190 mm 53 mm
Trojan™ BareSkin™ 170 – 190 mm 53 mm

Why are lambskin condoms so expensive?

Lambskin condoms tend to be the most expensive condom to buy. 2 This is most likely because they’re made from an animal product, so lambskin condoms cannot be mass-produced in the same way that latex condoms are. Natural lambskin condoms are thought to be not as stretchy as latex condoms.

What were the first condoms?

1800s. In 1839, inventor Charles Goodyear discovered rubber vulcanization, the technology of which led to the creation of the first rubber condoms in 1855. Given that they were the thickness of a bicycle inner tube and had to be custom-fitted, they were more than a little cumbersome.

What size are Natural Lamb condoms?

Made with a cling-tight drawstring at the base of the condom for added safety, they measure at 2.7 inches (68 millimeters) wide and 7.9 inches (200 millimeters) long. Lambskin condoms are biodegradable.

Is Trojan Enz small?

If you think that regular size condoms are a bit too loose, give Trojan ENZ condoms a try. These run slightly smaller than most in the Trojan lineup yet aren’t quite small enough to be in the size realm of other snugger fit condoms. Trojan ENZ is lubricated with silky smooth lubricant for comfort and more sensitivity.

Are lambskin condoms Thinner?

Lambskin condoms seem to have a more natural feel (even more so than polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms) and a thinner texture than other condom types, offering an intimate sensation, close to not wearing any condom. These condoms are a great option if you or your partner is allergic to latex.

How big is a Trojan natural lamb condom?

Trojan Natural Lamb Size. When it comes to size, these condoms are wider than average. With a width of 2.7″ (68 mm) and a length of 7.9″ (200 mm), they are actually among the largest condoms on the condom size chart.

What is the thickness of a Trojan Enz condom?

Straight shaped condom with a reservoir tip and a thickness of 0.07mm. There’s also a version with spermicidal lubricant available. Non-lubricated version of Trojan ENZ.

What’s the thinnest Trojan latex condom on the market?

Thinner condoms with spermicidal lube for extra protection against pregnancy. Thinnest Trojan latex condom with a 0.046mm thickness, lubricated, classic straight shape. Lubricated with dual action lube which brings warming and tingling sensations.

What are the different types of Trojan condoms?

Their products come in different shapes (straight, flared, extra headroom, twisted head), with different lubricants (spermicidal, ultrasmooth, dual action, climax control) and made of different materials (latex, polyurethane, lambskin ). They offer plenty of different products to test and try.