What is the tide in Huntington Beach?


Time Height Tide
4:34 A.M. PDT -0.04 feet Low Tide
9:40 A.M. PDT 2.32 feet High Tide
4:01 P.M. PDT 0.44 feet Low Tide
8:40 P.M. PDT 3.28 feet High Tide

What time is low tide in Huntington Beach today?

Today’s tide times for Huntington Beach: Friday 17 September 2021

Tide Time (PDT)& Date Height
Low Tide 1:51 AM(Fri 17 September) 0.59 ft (0.18 m)
High Tide 8:28 AM(Fri 17 September) 5.68 ft (1.73 m)
Low Tide 1:34 PM(Fri 17 September) 3.28 ft (1.0 m)
High Tide 7:33 PM(Fri 17 September) 7.19 ft (2.19 m)

What time is low tide in Huntington Beach tomorrow?

Next low tide in Huntington Beach is at 1:05 AM, which is in 3 hr 43 min 00 s from now.

Is Dumbarton Bridge open for fishing?

Public Pier — No Fishing License Required This pier was a virtual copy of the Ravenswood Pier to the west, although it is still open, unlike its sister pier that is now history.

What tide is best for Huntington Beach?

medium tide
Huntington State Beach No list of surfing spots can start anywhere else. This sandy bottom spot works best at medium tide for beginner to advanced, however only above average at the pier. It’s a year-round spot but the fall can produce the best rides.

Does Huntington Beach have tide pools?

Crystal Cove One of the best spots to access the tidepools is from the Reef Point parking area. With the pass, you get admission to Crystal Cove, Bolsa Chica, Huntington State, and many other beaches and parks throughout California for one year.

Can you fish from Pier 39?

Some of the top fishing spots to check out include Pacifica Pier and Pier 7. The best part – fishing is free and you don’t need a fishing license. And when you’ve had your fill of fishing for one day, head to Pier 39 for some light shopping and to visit the adorable sea lions.

How long is the Dumbarton Pier?

Dumbarton Bridge/Total length

Can you surf high tide?

Some spots are best when the tide is full on high or low (depending on the spot). However, too high of a tide for most spots will swamp the surf out (fat/slow/mushy), with the waves breaking more onto themselves rather than top to bottom. Too low a tide may drain things out (suck the life out of the swell).