What is the standard size cheesecake pan?

Cheesecake pans come in a variety of sizes from little individual pans to large commercial pans up to 14 inches in diameter. The most useful size pan for a home cheesecake recipe would be an 8″ or 10″ pan.

What is an 8 inch cake pan in CM?

Cake tin conversion charts

23 cm / 9 inch 20cm / 8 inch 8
25 cm / 10 inch 23 cm / 9 inch 10
28 cm / 11 inch 25 cm / 10 inch 12
30 cm / 12 inch 28 cm / 11 inch 15

What is the smallest springform pan?

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This item Hiware 4-Inch Mini Springform Pan Set – 4 Piece Small Nonstick Cheesecake Pan for Mini Cheesecakes, Pizzas and Quiches
Color Black
Item Dimensions 9.29 x 5.39 x 5.2 inches
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Size 4 Inch

What size is a mini cheesecake pan?

Pan measures: 14″ x 8″ x 1.75″ / 35.5cm x 20cm x 4.5cm. Cups size: 1.5” / 4cm deep, 2” / 5cm diameter. Use with or without baking cups!…Product information.

Product Dimensions 17 x 11 x 2 inches
Item model number 3919
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What is the normal size of a springform pan?

9 inches and 10 inches
The most common springform pan sizes are 9 inches and 10 inches, but smaller pans let you bake mini cakes or layered cakes.

How big is a 9 inch cake pan in CM?

For example; you could substitute a 8 x 8 inch (20 x 20 cm) square pan (which is 64 square inches), for a 9 inch (23 cm) round pan (which is 63.5 square inches), without changing the baking time or oven temperature stated in the original recipe.

Is there a special pan for cheesecake?

A springform pan is a baking pan designed for making cheesecake, most commonly. Most springform pans are designed with two pieces, a base and a circular, removable wall with a buckle clasp.

What can I use instead of a mini cheesecake pan?

If you make mini cheesecakes often, a mini cheesecake pan is definitely worth the investment. If you don’t have one, then you can also use a regular muffin pan for this recipe (not a mini muffin pan, a regular 12-count muffin pan).