What is the music on the Suzuki advert?

Song Title: Come And Get It. Artist/Singer: John Newman.

Who sings the Vitara ad?

Song Title: Yeah Yeah Yeah. Musician/DJ: Jax Jones. Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes. Suzuki’s latest ad for their Vitara SUV features a song called ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ by the English songwriter, record producer and DJ Jax Jones.

Who is the girl in the Suzuki advert 2020?

Annette Melton (born 11 July 1985) is an Australian actress, television presenter and model.

What song is on the Virgin advert?

The music in the Virgin Media advert The music in the new 2021 Virgin Media Advert is a jungle song called “For You” from 1996. We cannot confirm if the track was ever released. The second song in the advert is an un-named track by London-based rapper and musician Lava la Rue.

Who is the girl in the Virgin advert?

Lava La Rue
Faster Brings us Closer advert: Lava La Rue stars in new campaign | Virgin Media.

Who is the girl in the latest Virgin Media advert?

Virgin Media’s latest spot celebrates an intergenerational musical connection between a father and daughter. Starring Lava La Rue as a budding singer-songwriter, the second instalment of its “Faster brings us closer” campaign by Adam & Eve/DDB centres on two generations coming together over a mutual love of music.

What is the music on the Emmerdale trailer?

asks this ITV trailer, promoting an “unmissable” week of Emmerdale with a fate / fete pun. The song is Black by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi featuring Norah Jones. It’s from the 2011 album Rome, a collaboration between Danger Mouse (real name Brian Burton) and Italian composer Luppi.

What song is used in the ITV hub advert?

The music playing in the G 2021 ITV Hub advert is a song called ‘Dans la galaxie’ that was recorded by the French psychedelic rock musician Bruno Leys.