What is the medical term for lateral recumbent?

Sims po·si·tion a position to facilitate a vaginal examination, with the patient lying on her side with the lower arm behind the back, the thighs flexed, the upper one more than the lower. Synonym(s): English position, lateral recumbent position, semiprone position.

What is lateral recumbency?

Lateral recumbency – When an animal is unable to rise from lying on their sides it is known as lateral recumbency and is usually specified as either right or left lateral recumbency.

What does it mean by lateral position?

In the lateral position, the patient lies on one side. Some common procedures that may require a patient to be positioned in the lateral position include back surgeries, lower extremity surgeries, thoracic surgeries, Ear Nose Throat (ENT) surgeries, and kidney surgeries.

What is another name for the right lateral recumbent position?

The idea is to prevent getting emesis (stomach contents) into the lungs, which is a condition known as aspiration. In medical parlance, the recovery position is called the lateral recumbent position, or sometimes it is referred to as the lateral decubitus position.

What is the term for lying on your side?

The following are the basic recognized ones. Supine: lying on the back on the ground with the face up. Lying on either side, with the body straight or bent/curled forward or backward. The fetal position is lying or sitting curled, with limbs close to the torso and the head close to the knees.

What does it mean for a dog to be lateral?

Lateral stepping means that your dog walks sideways in shuffle steps – think “step-together-step.” His spine stays neutral, which means fairly straight and not curved. To walk to his left laterally, your dog will need to move both left legs and then both right legs and repeat.

Why would you use lateral position?

The benefits of lateral positioning include increased patient comfort; prevention of pressure injury; and reduced deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary emboli, atelectasis, and pneumonia.

What does lateral only mean?

At its simplest, a lateral move is when you take on a new job that’s at the same career level as your current job, but may have different duties. A lateral move is not the same as a career change, though, as you generally stay in the same career field or even the same company.

What is the side lying position called?

Right Lateral Recumbent Position Copyright Evelyn Bailey. The word “lateral” means “to the side,” while “recumbent” means “lying down.” In the right lateral recumbent position, the individual is lying on their right side. This position makes it easier to access a patient’s left side.

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What is the medical term for lateral recumbent position?

(simz pŏ-zish’ŏn) Placement to facilitate a vaginal examination, with the patient lying on her side with the lower arm behind the back, the thighs flexed, the upper one more than the lower. Synonym (s): lateral recumbent position. Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012

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