What is the meaning of the French word le placard?

Translation of “le placard” in English. the closet the cupboard the cabinet your closet. the wardrobe.

Is placard masculine or feminine in French?

The gender of placard is masculine. E.g. le placard.

What is the example of placard?

The definition of a placard is a sign with information, or a small plaque. An example of a placard is a poster outside of a cafe advertising the specials. An example of a placard is a sign on someone’s door with their name and title.

What does the French word fair mean?

French Translation. juste. More French words for fair. juste adjective. just, right, accurate, true, appropriate.

How do you spell cabinet in French?


  1. [ de médecin] surgery (Brit) ⧫ office (USA)
  2. [ de notaire] (= bureau) office. (= clientèle) practice.
  3. ( Politics) cabinet.

Which placard is for paint?

UN 1263 Flammable Liquid Placard — Paint.

What’s the difference between placard and poster?

As nouns the difference between poster and placard is that poster is one who s a message or poster can be a post-horse while placard is a sheet of paper or cardboard with a written or printed announcement on one side for display in a public place.

What is the conjugation of faire in French?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Imperfect
je fais faisais
tu fais faisais
il fait faisait
nous faisons faisions

Is bookcase feminine or masculine in French?


French English
1. bibliothèque (feminine noun) bookcase
2. bibliothèque (feminine noun) library
3. bibliothèque (feminine noun) bookshelf
4. bibliothèque (feminine noun) bookstand (noun)

What is the Filipino of Cabinet?

The Cabinet of the Philippines (Filipino: Gabinete ng Pilipinas, usually referred to as the Cabinet or Gabinete) consists of the heads of the largest part of the executive branch of the national government of the Philippines.