What is the main industry in Durango CO?

The most common employment sectors for those who live in Durango, CO, are Retail Trade (1,530 people), Accommodation & Food Services (1,370 people), and Educational Services (1,280 people).

Who owns top that in Durango?

Owners Ryan Bartholomew and Elissa Beckstead declined to give a phone interview. But in an email to The Durango Herald they wrote, “We are relocating.”

Is it expensive to live in Durango Colorado?

It’s also a favorite spot for it shops and eateries. With a cost of living index at 128.9, the cost of living in Durango is higher than the national average. The cost of living index for housing is over twice the national average, while healthcare is also higher than the national average.

Is Durango Colorado a good place to live?

Many homeowners in Durango might say that the higher cost of living can be attributed to the beautiful mountains surrounding Durango as well as the abundance of enjoyable activities in the area. As a hot spot for tourists from within Colorado and all over the country, Durango is a very fun and beautiful place to live.

How poor is Durango?

The poverty rate in Durango is 11.2%. One out of every 8.9 residents of Durango lives in poverty. How many people in Durango, Colorado live in poverty? 1,822 of 16,249 Durango residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year.

What is the elevation of Durango Colorado?

6,512 feet
The elevation of Durango is 6,512 feet above sea level.

Who owns top that frozen yogurt?

Meet the Business Owner: Erin C. Erin is a Phoenix native and ASU graduate. She and her husband, Ryan, live in the area and own Top That Frozen Yogurt together. They are both passionate about food and are committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Is Durango Colorado pretty?

Durango is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Colorado. There’s so many different restaurants for the size of this place. I enjoy hiking, hitting the local skatepark, snowboarding at Purgatory, or enjoying the night life. I love it here and there’s Neve ray scarcity of fun things to do around here.

Is Durango CO pretty?

Which is the best company to rent a home in Durango?

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Who are the staff at Durango Colorado vacations?

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Where to go on vacation in Durango Colorado?

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