What is the Callejon del Beso what is the legend?

The legend of the Callejón del Beso (Kiss Alley) says that Ana was the daughter of a controlling Spaniard, who was on the eve of marrying a rich man from the region. One day, walking through the streets of the city of Guanajuato, she met Carlos, a low-income miner. It was love at first sight.

Where is El Callejon del Beso and what is it?

Callejon del Beso is a beautiful place, located about 360 km from Mexico DF, in the city of Guanajuato. Legend has it that the beautiful young Doña Carmen was the only daughter of a greedy and uncompromising father.

What city is El Callejon del Beso?

city of Guanajuato
El Callejon del Beso: The Story Behind Guanajuato’s Famous Alleyway. The heartbreaking story behind El Callejon del Beso (the Alley of the Kiss), an enchanting narrow alleyway in the equally magical city of Guanajuato, is a Shakespearean tale of forbidden love and murder.

What is the Alley of the Kiss Guanajuato Mexico?

The Alley of the Kiss, Guanajuato (El Callejon del Beso) is a narrow alley in the city of Guanajuato, which was the centrepiece of a tragic romantic tale that was based on true events. This story of failed young love is a time-honoured Mexican favourite.

How do you say Callejon in English?


  1. blind alley. cul-de-sac; → callejón; calle sin salida;
  2. enclosed space; a courtyard. court; → callejón; patio;
  3. narrow street. alley; → callejón;

How many miles across is Mexico City?

While it is more than 1,850 miles (3,000 km) across from northwest to southeast, its width varies from less than 135 miles (217 km) at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to more than 1,200 miles (1,900 km) in the north.

Why is El Callejon del Beso famous in Guanajuato?

Now, El Callejon del Beso is one of Guanajuato’s most famous tourist attractions. It’s said couples should stand on the third step (helpfully painted in red) and kiss to enjoy a lifetime of luck in love — which some say is delivered by the spirit of Carlos himself.

Is the El Callejon del Beso so narrow?

El Callejon del Beso is so narrow that at the upper floors of the balconies are almost touching with neighbours’ looking directly into each other’s window. The measured distance is only 1.5 meters but from the lower levels the balconies of the El Callejon del Beso appear to be touching.

Where is the Callejon del Beso Alley of the kiss?

Callejon del Beso translated into English means the “The Alley of the Kiss” and it is famous within Mexico thanks to a tragic love story. To read the love story of the Callejon del Beso please click here. The alley itself is very short, only extending for approximately 20m,…

How did Carlos die in El Callejon del Beso?

Some say that, in his desperation to protect his love, Carlos attempted to jump from his window into Ana’s bedroom, but crashed to the floor, hitting the third step and breaking his neck. Others say that, overcome with grief after seeing Ana’s lifeless body, he committed suicide in his place of work, La Valenciana Mine.