What is the book La Linea about?

A realistic novel set in Mexico, La Línea addresses the controversial issue of illegal immigration into the United States and the reasons Mexican nationals may wish to cross the border. Fifteen year-old Miguel and his younger sister Elena must wait their turns to make the passage to California.

How many pages is La Linea?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780312373542
Publisher: Square Fish
Publication date: 07/22/2008
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 144

Who wrote the book La Linea?

Ann Jaramillo
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What genre is La Linea?

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Is La Linea safe?

The major crime in La Linea a few years ago was smuggling, Gib only has one land route out and that closes every time a plane comes or goes. Not exactly conducive for an easy escape. Plenty of areas in England householders have installed bars across windows.

Is La Linea in Malaga province?

Although La Línea is in the province of Cadiz, it is just 70 kilometres (40 minutes drive) west of Costa del Sol’s Marbella, in Malaga province. The town nestles on the eastern side of the Bay of Gibraltar. You can also get to La linea by bus from various destinations around Andalucia.

Is La Linea worth visiting?

If you want a nice coffee and cakes experience, then CAFE MODELO in the main pedestrianised street is an excellent and elegant experience. So for those visiting or enjoying the very British experience (equally delightful but so different) of Gibraltar, I suggest that La Linea is WELL worth a visit from The Rock.

Is La Línea safe?

Why is La Línea called La Línea?

The name is derived from the línea (“line”), or boundary, dividing Spanish territory from the district of Gibraltar. La Línea is the site of a national military garrison and headquarters of the Spanish commandant at the boundary of Gibraltar.