What is the best weapon to defeat wasp in Shadow Fight 2?

Fighting Wasp The Kusarigama is a devastating weapon. Kusarigama’s long range can counter Wasp’s naginata. It has extremely far reach, and is easy to use.

What is Hermit’s Secret Shadow Fight 2?

Sly makes his debut after Buffalo, Hermit’s second bodyguard, is defeated. He offers to reveal Hermit’s secret power to Shadow for 450 Coins. If the players accept his offer, he takes the money and disappears without divulging the said information.

How can I get free coins in Shadow Fight 2?

In Underworld:

  1. Purchase consumables such as Charges, Elixirs, Shadow Orbs and tickets for Ascension.
  2. Buy keys for bosses.
  3. Skip waiting time when fighting a boss.
  4. Skip the timer for daily quests.
  5. Buy packs and special chests.
  6. Create a clan.

Who is the last boss in Shadow Fight 2?

Titan. Titan is the main antagonist and final boss of Shadow Fight 2.

What is the best weapon to defeat hermit?

When he tries to super slash you, just block it and wait for the animtion to end. After the attack hermit vill be vulnarable and defenseless for a second. Attack him he is defenseless.)

How do you get free diamonds on shadow fight?

What do weapons do in Shadow Fight 2?

in: Weapon (SF2) Weapon is one of the five types of equipment that are available in Shadow Fight 2, along with armor, helm, ranged weapon and magic. Weapons increase the damage done by the player through attacking with “punch” button, also changing the animations.

When do you get Big Swords in Shadow Fight 2?

Big Swords are a gem weapon unlocked at level 15 in Shadow Fight 2. They are enchanted with the Bloodrage enchantment. Big Swords are unlocked along with the Axes. They are used by Cleaver, Wasp’s second bodyguard and the fighter Hazzard from Act VII: Chapter 1 .

Which is the fastest ranged weapon in Shadow Fight?

Circular Saws: Unlike other ranged weapons, when thrown, Circular Saws travel horizontally across the surface of the ground. The only way to dodge them is by jumping. These are the fastest ranged weapons to deploy. They deal 7 damage.

How many knives are there in Shadow Fight?

List of Shop Weapons Name Level Required Initial Stats Cost Knives 1 5 50 Knuckles 2 20 200 12 Sai 3 30 510 20 Steel Batons 4 55 950 24