What is the best substitute teacher app?

Substitute Teacher Job Apps

  • Jobulator. Jobulator is the simpler app of the three that I tested. The process for setting up an account is fairly easy.
  • SubstituteAlert. SubstituteAlert was the second app that I signed up for the free trial service.
  • SubAssistant. The third and final app that I analyzed was SubAssistant.

What is SubSidekick?

SubSidekick helps you find the exact job you want. Its smart filters let you choose which jobs trigger an alert, based on the job title, school, employee, and assignment length. You can free yourself from your computer by letting SubSidekick do the hard work for you.

How does SubAlert work?

Our servers will log into your account automatically and check for new jobs every 60 seconds. Receive Notifications & Book Jobs! When a new job that meets your filters becomes available, we’ll give you an app notification, text message, phone call, desktop alert, and/or email with all the job information.

How do I set up a Jobulator?

To begin using Jobulator, go to www.jobulator.com and click on the Free Trial tab. Fill out the required fields, accept the terms and conditions, and click the Sign Up button. After clicking the Sign Up button, Jobulator will list any of your school districts that have allowed us to offer the Jobulator service to you.

What happens if you reject a job on Aesop?

Rejecting a job will make it disappear from your available jobs and you will not see it again. Only click the reject button if you are absolutely sure that you will not want to come back to this job later.

What is a preferred substitute?

A preferred substitute is an active substitute teacher who is recommended by principals at school locations that qualify for preferred substitutes.

How do I cancel sub alert?

Go to the SubAssistant.com website and sign into your active SubAssistant account. Select the Billing link from the menu on the right. On mobile devices, you may need to tap MENU first, Account, and then Billing. Select the Cancel Subscription button.

Is the Jobulator app free?

Try Jobulator free for 14 days – You’ll have full access to use the mobile app, Frontline Absence Management job notifications, & easy job acceptance.

How do I contact a Jobulator?

If you have already www.jobulator.com signed up for a free trial but forget the email address you used to sign up, contact our support team by emailing [email protected].

How do I request a specific sub on Aesop?

  1. Select the Employee. From the alpha-grouping click on the letter of the employee’s last name or use the Search box.
  2. Entering an absence. Absence Creation Screen One.
  3. Assign a Sub to an Absence* * Find the substitute you wish to assign and click the.
  4. Confirmation Number.
  5. Attaching a file.