What is the best driving road in America?

The 12 Best Driving Roads In America

  • Route 66, Arizona.
  • Highway 1, California.
  • Pikes Peak, Colorado.
  • San Juan Skyway, Colorado.
  • Saddle Road, Hawaii.
  • Going-To-The-Sun, Montana.
  • Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire.
  • Hocking Hills Loop, Ohio.

What state has the best driving roads?

Main Findings

Overall Rank State Total Score
1 Texas 62.89
2 Indiana 62.17
3 North Carolina 61.84
4 Iowa 61.82

What is the best driving road?

The 10 Best Roads in the World

  1. Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa.
  2. Milford Road, New Zealand.
  3. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan.
  4. Ruta 40, Argentina.
  5. Route 1, Iceland.
  6. Transfagarasan Highway, Romania.
  7. Amalfi Drive, Italy.
  8. Pacific Coast Highway, USA.

What is the best highway in the US?

Route 66 may be the most iconic path for an east-to-west road trip. But the I-80 takes the crown as the best interstate travel route through the middle of the USA, passing 11 states and 2,902 miles.

What state has the smoothest roads?

What state has the best roads? Wyoming has the best roads in the U.S., followed by Kansas, Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana. Residents from these states remarked on the roads’ smooth pavement, recent repairs and lack of debris. Many people commented on their governments’ quick seasonal weather cleanup.

What city in the US has the best roads?

Best & Worst Cities to Drive in

Overall Rank City Total Score
1 Raleigh, NC 67.52
2 Lincoln, NE 66.09
3 Greensboro, NC 66.01
4 Winston-Salem, NC 65.62

Which state has the most aggressive drivers?

10 States with the Most Dangerous Drivers

  • Colorado. Drivers with all driving incidents: 27.66%
  • Wyoming. Drivers with all driving incidents: 28.07%
  • Maryland. Drivers with all driving incidents: 28.49%
  • Maine. Drivers with all driving incidents: 29.33%
  • Iowa.
  • Virginia.
  • Nebraska.
  • South Carolina.