What is the best car for company car tax?

BMW 3 Series Our favourite version is this 330e plug-in hybrid, which has an official electric-only range of 35 miles and low CO2 emissions – great news for company car tax. M Sport is our recommended trim level, while the optional Pro Pack adaptive suspension for the comfiest ride.

How much is tax on a BIK car?

Current company car BIK rates start at 1% for electric cars, 22% for the greenest hybrids, and 24% for any car with 100 g/km CO2. From 13%, bands rise in 1% increments to a maximum of 37%, with diesel models subject to a 4% supplement should they not meet RDE2 tests.

How can I reduce my BIK tax?

The main way you can lower your company car tax is to get a low-emission vehicle. As mentioned, there are changes to company car tax which means from next year you will not be able to get a company car that is completely exempt but you can still save a lot of money on company car tax if you got a low-emission vehicle.

What does Bik 10% mean?

Currently, BiK rates range from 0% to 37%. As a simple example, if a car’s P11D value is £10,000 and it has a BiK rate of 10% and the employee who will be driving the car is in the 20% income tax bracket theannual BiK tax bill will be £200.

How do you calculate BIK tax?

To calculate your BIK tax, you will need to multiply your vehicle’s BiK band percentage by its P11d value. These tax rates are based upon how much carbon dioxide (CO2) your car emits per gram every kilometre (g/KM) and are therefore different for each vehicle.

Does BIK count as income?

A Benefit in Kind (BIK) is any non-cash benefit of monetary value that you provide for your employee. The benefits have monetary value, so they must be treated as taxable income.

Which car is best for business?

Best Commercial Cars in India, From Hatchback, Sedan and MPV

  • Maruti Eeco – Van. Maruti Eeco is the unrivalled model of the minivan sector in India automobile market with no competitor.
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Prime – Hatchback.
  • Hyundai Xcent Prime – Sedan.
  • Honda Amaze – Sedan.
  • Toyota Innova Crysta – MPV.
  • Mahindra Marazzo – MPV.

Which is the best company car with low tax?

Peugeot 108 The Peugeot 108 is about as good as it gets for company car drivers looking for a small petrol runaround, which won’t often go on long trips, and has low tax bills. Thanks to a peppy yet frugal 1.0-litre petrol engine and a starting price of around £9,500, company car tax is incredibly low.

What’s the current Bik rate for a company car?

Company car BIK rates 2019 – 2022. Current company car BIK rates start at 22% for petrol and RDE2 compliant diesel cars, the rate increasing in up to 1% increments as CO2 bands rise, up to a maximum of 37%.

Why are Bik rates lower for electric cars?

Those capable of travelling further on electric power receive lower BIK rates. Company car tax rates are designed to encourage company car drivers to choose cars with lower levels of CO2 and NOx emissions; incentives are offered both to the company and to the recipient of the vehicle to select low emission vehicles.

Which is the best company car for BIK?

For high mileage executives, the Merc delivers excellent BIK value, especially in this sporty AMG Line Edition specification. However, if your Mercedes lease isn’t due to expire for another six months, then wait for the all-new C-Class which has a battery range of 62 miles and promises an all-new PHEV experience.