What is the benefit of SSPN?

SSPN offers free takaful protection for RM1,000 and above ringgit-to-ringgit deposits, as well as a matching grant of up to RM10,000 for an eligible family with household income not exceeding RM4,000.

What is Ptptn SSPN-I?

The National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN-i) is a scheme or savings instrument specially designed by the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) for higher education purposes and to encourage parents / guardians to make savings for their children’s higher education.

How do I check my Ptptn statement?

It is so easy, you can simply do it with your smartphone!

  1. Go to PTPTN statement review page.
  2. Insert your identification number (IC)
  3. Click on the Penyata kira-kira pembiayaan link. Tadaa. You can now view your PTPTN balance and do a proper financial planning!

Can I withdraw money from SSPN?

SSPN-i offers more flexibility, you can bank in or withdraw any amount of money at any time.

Can I open SSPN for myself?

The SSPN-i is a savings scheme created by Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) to encourage parents/guardian to make savings for their children’s higher education. account under his/her own name or it can be opened by their parents/guardian.

What is the interest rate for SSPN?

PTPTN said the corporation has credited 4% annual SSPN dividend for 2020 to National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN) depositors. “The dividend rate of 4% was given to the SSPN depositors based on the net returns of investments made on the deposits received by PTPTN, ” said PTPTN.

Which bank can open SSPN?

Many banks (such as Maybank, Agro Bank, and RHB) offer the SSPN-i account as a product, and PTPTN will only deposit loan funds into these kinds of accounts. As the “-i” suffix implies, this is a Syariah compliant product.

How much can you borrow PTPTN?

You will be eligible for a maximum loan of RM10,520 per year, which is a total loan amount of RM42,080 for a 4-year Engineering Degree. A PTPTN loan may only cover part of your study fees so it is advisable to plan your finances carefully to avoid any gaps in funding for your tertiary education!

How much do you pay monthly for PTPTN?

PTPTN loans have a low-interest rate of 1% which can be easily paid back in small amounts after you graduate. For example, PTPTN requires you to pay RM40 month if you’re a fresh graduate earning RM2,000. You can comfortably pay the loan back once you get your first job without relying on your family.

How much can I withdraw from SSPN?

What is the maximum amount for cash withdrawal from SSPN-i account via Bank Islam ATM? As per current daily ATM funds withdrawal limit, which is RM5,000 (including daily withdrawal limit from Bank Islam account and Tabung Haji account).

When can I withdraw my SSPN?

In terms of withdrawal, SSPN-i savings account deposits can be withdrawn at any time subject to the rules set by PTPTN. “Withdrawal of deposits for SSPN-i Plus education plan can only be made after three years from the date of opening the account and the minimum amount that must be in the savings account is RM1,000.

What is the EPF dividend for 2020?

EPF declares 5.2% dividend for pandemic-hit 2020, just below 5.45% for 2019. KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 27): The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) declared a 5.2% dividend for conventional savings and 4.9% dividend for shariah savings for pandemic-hit 2020. Total distribution amounted to RM47. 64 billion for 2020 (RM42.