What is Talend tFlowMeter?

These properties are used to configure tFlowMeter running in the Standard Job framework. The Standard tFlowMeter component belongs to the Logs & Errors family. The component in this framework is available in all Talend products.

How do I use tFileRowCount in Talend?

Talend Open Studio Components Reference Guide. tFileRowCount counts the number of rows in a file. tFileRowCount opens a file and reads it row by row in order to determine the number of rows inside.

How do I use tFlowToIterate in Talend?

tFlowToIterate Properties key: Type in a name for the new global variable. Press Ctrl+Space to access all available variables either global or user-defined. value: Click in the cell to access a list of the columns attached to the defined global variable. You cannot use this component as a start component.

How do you use the tLogCatcher in Talend?

The tLogCatcher component listens to Warn, Die or Java Exceptions in the Talend Job. It will retrieve log information from the message and send it to a standard Talend output. By using this component you can display the error message(s) in more detail and an organised format.

What is tStatCatcher in Talend?

tStatCatcher Properties. Component family. Logs & Errors. Function. Based on the pre-defined schema, tStatCatcher gathers the Job processing metadata at the Job level and at the component level when the tStatCatcher Statistics check box is selected.

How do you use tAggregateRow in Talend?

The Talend Aggregate row or tAggregateRow field used to perform Aggregations on numerical column data based on the given grouping column and returns the output. We can use this Talend Aggregate Row field to find the Sum of sales by Region, Total orders by State provinces, etc.

What is the difference between tFlowToIterate and tIterateToFlow in Talend?

tFlowToIterate will process the files one by one. tIterateToFlow will store the data till all the files are processed and data from all those files has been fetched.

What is the use of tRowGenerator in Talend?

Talend Open Studio for Big Data Components Reference Guide

Function tRowGenerator generates as many rows and fields as are required using random values taken from a list.
Purpose It can be used to create an input flow in a Job for testing purposes, in particular for boundary test sets

What is tFixedFlowInput Talend?

The Talend tFixedFlowInput component generates a fixed number of rows from the internal variables. In this section, we show you how to use this Talend tFixedFlowInput to create a table of fixed values.

What is tLogRow in Talend?

The tLogRow component is part of the Logs & Errors family of components. tLogRow allows you to write data, that is flowing through your Job (rows), to the console.