What is sub professional in civil service?

Sub-Professional Eligibility : The Sub-Professional Eligibility qualifies you for first level positions such as clerical, trade, and custodial service positions which require less than four years of college education.

What is Career Service professional second level eligibility?

Passing the professional level exams qualifies you for both first level (clerical, custodial, and trade) and second level (scientific, technical, and professional) positions. Passing the subprofessional exams only qualifies you for first level positions.

How many items are there in civil service exam professional?

For the Professional Level, you will be given 3 hours and 10 minutes to answer 170 items (150 items for the test proper and 20 items for the EDQ). For the Subprofessional Level, you will be given 2 hours and 40 minutes to answer 165 items (145 items for the test proper and 20 items for the EDQ).

What is civil service professional eligibility?

CSE Professional Level passers shall be conferred the Civil Service Professional Eligibility, which is needed and appropriate for appointment to both first level (clerical) and second level (technical) positions in the government, including executive/managerial positions in the second level.

Does civil service eligibility expire?

The Eligibility Card serves as the holder’s proof of civil service eligibility and has no expiration date.

Is civil service a professional license?

Thus, pursuant to the said law, passers of the bar examination conducted by the Supreme Court (SC) and licensure board examinations conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) are automatically considered as civil service eligibles. …

What is the passing rate for CSC?

11.62 percent
In August last year, only 11.62 percent or 29,733 examinees out of a total 255,778 takers of the CSC career service test passed, the commission said in its website. Some 290,000 people were supposed to take the CSC pen-and-paper test last March, which was reset to 2021 due to the pandemic, said the commission.

What are the types of civil service eligibility?


  • What is the maximum age for civil service exam?

    21 to 32 years
    UPSC Exam Eligibility Snapshot

    Age Limit 21 to 32 years
    Age relaxation As per category (mentioned below)
    Number of Attempts 06 (General and EWS) ; 09 (OBC); SC/ST (Upto age limit)
    Educational qualification for UPSC Civil Services Graduation from any recognized university
    Nationality Indian (For IAS and IPS);

    Which is easier the civil service exam or the subpro?

    The Civil Service exam covers the following subjects, English and Filipino: Environment management and protection. With just 160 minutes to take the sub-professional exam, you have a little less than 1 minute to spend on each test question. The good news is that the sub-professional exam is supposedly easier than the professional exam.

    What’s the difference between professional and Sub-Professional Civil Service?

    The difference are only Analogy and Logic (for Professional) and Spelling and Clerical Operations (for Sub-Professional). You need to have a score of 80% in order to pass the Civil Service Exam. The following links below were found by our team through searching the internet.

    Are there any professions outside the civil service?

    Others such as commercial and Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) experts belong to groupings which are increasingly acquiring the trappings of a formal profession. And then there is the policy profession, which doesn’t really exist in this form outside the Civil Service.

    What are the civil service exam requirements for 2021?

    What are the Civil Service Exam Requirements for 2021? Application Form called CSC Form 100 (download it here) and fill it out with your personal information 4 pieces of (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 1.8 inches x 1.4 inches) Passport Sized Photos with name tag and signature, taken at the recent 3 months from the time of application