What is Studentification in geography?

Studentification is the process by which specific neighbourhoods become dominated by student residential occupation. The term ‘studentification’ was established by Smith (2002) to describe the growth of high concentrations of students within the localities of Higher Education Institutions.

Is Studentification good or bad?

The most reported negative effect of studentification is ‘noise nuisance’. This has been shown in multiple studies which often identify students making noise, primarily at night, as allegedly the most detrimental effect to local residents’ lives (Hubbard, 2012, 2633-2634; Sage et al, 2012, 1067).

What causes Studentification?

Studentification is inadvertently caused by such wider and often unrelated events as economic and social trends in a country, as well as government policies (Smith and Denholm, 2006).

Who coined the term Studentification?

Introduction The term studentification was coined and defined by Darren Smith as ‘contradictory social, cultural, economic and physical changes resulting from an influx of students within privately- rented accommodation in particular neighbourhoods’ (Smith, 2002, 6).

What is gentrification in geography?

Gentrification describes a process where wealthy, college-educated individuals begin to move into poor or working-class communities, often originally occupied by communities of color. These changes may drive out people of color and minority-owned businesses.

What is Suburbanisation A level geography?

Suburbanisation can be defined as the outward growth of urban development which may engulf surrounding villages and towns into a larger urban agglomeration. Indeed, the suburbs are the outlying areas of a city which are close enough to the city centre to be accessible by commuters.

What is an example of suburbanisation?

Suburbanisation. This is where the suburbs on the outer edge of the settlement grow outwards as new houses and services are built to accommodate more people. This type of expansion sees the settlement grow at the expense of surrounding green land. An example of suburbanisation can be found in Los Angeles, USA.

What does studentification mean in terms of gentrification?

Studentification has been framed as an incubator for gentrification (Smith, 2005; Lees et al. 2007), where students are coined apprentice gentrifiers (Smith and Holt, 2007), who strengthen and (re)produce their cultural capital through interactions in studentified spaces 9 (Pickren, 2012; Ley, 1996).

What are the unfolding characteristics of studentification?

By researching the processes and impacts of studentification of Clarendon Park, Leicester, this dissertation suggests that the unfolding characteristics of studentification can have varying effects within the host community.

Why is studentification important in the academic world?

Much academic research and media narratives have stemmed from a homogenous student experience and stereotypes (Hubbard, 2008; Smith, 2005; Munro and Livingston, 2012). Thus, this dissertation will present the opportunity to express the positive contributions studentification have had within a community.

Are there any geographies dominated by St udents?

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