What is Smogon Nu?

NU (NeverUsed) is Smogon’s fourth usage-based tier. All Pokémon that are not OU, UU, or RU by usage and are not banned to Ubers, UUBL, RUBL, or NUBL can be used in NU, including Pokémon from PU.

What does Pokémon NU mean?

Never Used
NU Tier: Introduced in Generation 2, NU stands for “Never Used” and initally meant that the Pokemon in this tier were so bad, one would never use them.

What is VGC and Smogon?

VGC is The Pokémon Company International’s official tournament series. This Double Battle format has a fluctuating banlist and a different set of clauses than Smogon metagames. Most notably, it only allows you to select 4 out of your 6 Pokémon to send into battle.

What does Smogon mean in Pokémon?

competitive Pokémon battling
Koffing. Website. Main Page. Smogon University, commonly shortened to Smogon, is a website whose content encompasses competitive Pokémon battling. It offers guides on battling strategies for people of different Pokémon knowledge backgrounds.

How good is Vikavolt?

Vikavolt is one of the best looking new Pokémon, present in both Pokémon Sun and Moon, with a Bug and Electric-typing that give it access to a few very powerful moves. Vikavolt has the Levitate ability, which allows it to ignore all Ground-type moves, and can be taught some great moves with the right TMs and HMs.

Is Mewtwo banned in VGC?

Boasting a massive 700 Base Stat total, Mewtwo is rightly banned from competitive play unless the format includes Legendary Pokémon.

Is arceus allowed in VGC?

Howerver, starting with this year’s VGC, a new rule has been added to allow several of these Pokemon, with the only banned Pokemon comprising of the following: Arceus, Celebi, Darkrai, Deoxys, Jirachi, Manaphy, Mew, Phione, and Shaymin.

When does a Pokemon become a nu in Smogon?

A Pokémon is truly NU if a typical competitive player is more than 50% likely to encounter that Pokémon at least once in a given day of playing (15 battles). Players cannot use Pokémon from the Uber tier, OU, UUBL, UU, RUBL, RU, or NUBL . Players must abide by the following clauses: Smogon-wide Clauses.

Where can I get an analysis of Smogon?

The SS NU Analyses forum is the place to go for writing analyses to be uploaded to the official Smogon Dex. You may reserve an analysis in the Index. The SS NU Viability Rankings shows how well every NU-viable Pokémon fares in the NU tier.

Can you use Smogon on the neverused Forum?

Players cannot use Pokémon designated Uber, OU, UUBL, UU, RUBL, RU, or NUBL Players must abide by the following clauses: Smogon-wide Clauses. Baton Pass Clause: Baton Pass is banned. The NU Forum Rules is an extensive list of rules to follow when posting in the NeverUsed forum.

Where do you get teams for ultra SM Nu?

Teams for getting into NU! These teams have been selected from our Teambuilding Lab, RMT subforum, Bazaar, and user submissions to make it easier to jump into the tier. If you have a team you’d like included, feel free to post your team here with sprites, an import, and a description of the team.