What is Sharkhide on pontoons?

SHARKHIDE will keep your pontoons looking like new. Providing protection against stains, oxidation, acid-rain, weathering, salt spray, and pitting. “After trying several products to get the boat’s pontoons shiny again, this one finally worked to get all the stains off.

How long does Sharkhide take to cure?

Q: What is “Cure Time”? A: Although SHARKHIDE dries to the touch in just a few seconds, there’s still solvents evaporating out of the finish. This can take as little as 2 or 3 hours, or as long as 24 or more hours depending on temperature and humidity.

How long does Sharkhide last on pontoon?

When you’re done, that old dark streaked and stained finish will be gone and you’re left with a clean, uniform, streak free off white finish. In most instances, a couple of good coats can last many years. It’s not uncommon to see three to five years of protection.

How do you seal polished aluminum?

Use your spray bottle of sealant to coat your aluminum in a thin layer of spray. Make sure to coat the entirety of the aluminum that you are working on. Wipe the sealant on with a sponge. Use a soft sponge to wipe the sealant over the entire surface area of the aluminum.

How do you clean mineral deposits from a pontoon boat?

The only solution for removal that we know of to-date is abrasion with sandpaper. We recommend wet sanding over dry to reduce dusting and to get better life from the sandpaper. It’s important to sand horizontally with the grain so that if any scratching of the pontoon takes place is will be less perceptible.

How does sharkhide metal protectant protect against stains?

Providing protection against stains, oxidation, acid-rain, weathering, salt spray, and pitting. The results are amazing, apply a couple good coats and enjoy years of protection, along with ease of cleanup. This product is the cleaning secret you’ve been waiting to find.

Do you have to apply second coat of sharkhide?

A: If you allow SHARKHIDE to “Cure” Before you recoat, the second coat will not have enough time to dissolve the first, leaving you with a double build up, which means longer protection time between recoating. Q: Do I need to sand or prep the first coat before applying the second? A: No.

How to apply sharkhide aluminum sealer and protectant?

If the surface is stained or oxidized, use an aluminum cleaner to remove the imperfections. To apply, simply use a clean soft white cotton cloth and saturate with Sharkhide and wipe surface area. Do not pour onto surface. See product label for more application instructions

Who is the Premier retailer of sharkhide products?

We are the premier retailer of Sharkhide products. Sharkhide can provide for all your metal protectant needs. All Sharkhide products are 100% America made, including our containers and shipping boxes. We have thousands of before/after pictures and testimony.