What is senior author of a scientific paper?

A senior author may be the head of a research group, laboratory, or department under which the project was conducted, and/or the mentor or advisor to students or more junior scientists with a more direct role in executing the project.

Where did the term press come from?

from Latin pressare “to press,” frequentative formation from pressus, past participle of premere “to press, hold fast, cover, crowd, compress,” from PIE root *per- (4) “to strike.” Related: Pressed; pressing. Sense of “to reduce to a particular shape or form by pressure” is from early 15c.

What does stay pressed mean?

Meaning 1: to be under strain or pressure due to constraints on time and energy, the lack of ability to be in 60 places at one time to do all the things and attend to all the people (for busy people or influential people) Meaning 2: desperate or obsessed/overly focused, usually in an unseemly and unflattering fashion.

What does press mean in news?

7a : the gathering and publishing or broadcasting of news : journalism. b : newspapers, periodicals, and often radio and television news broadcasting. c : news reporters, publishers, and broadcasters. d : comment or notice in newspapers and periodicals is getting a good press.